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OpenLedModule - an Open Hardware LED module project
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OpenLedModule - an Open Hardware LED module project

The OpenLedModule project provides Open Hardware LED modules for everyone!

With OpenLedModule, you can easily build your own lighting fixture - just follow these steps:

Step 1: Choose a basic LED lamp model that fits your needs

Example: choose 40FLATLED - a ceiling lamp that is as bright as two 60W light bulbs.

Choose Lamp Model

Step 2: Check which LED Module is required to build the lamp model

Example: for lamp 40FLATLED, Module 2 is required

Step 3: Order the required number of LED Modules from a PCB (circuit board) manufacturer of your choice

Example: order five Module 2 PCBs to build lamp 40FLATLED.

Check Lamp Module

Step 4: Order the parts (LEDs, resistors and pin headers) that are required for assembling the LED module

Example: the Data Sheet of Module 2 lists all parts that are required for module assembly. For Module 2 you need to order eight OSRAM Duris E5 LEDs and one 30 Ohm resistor. This totals to 40 LEDs and five resistors for the five modules of lamp 40FLATLED. In addition to that you need nine pin headers that are required for connecting the module connector cables.

Step 5: Solder your LED modules
If you don't have reflow soldering equipment: go to a makerspace of your choice and solder it there. Many makerspaces own a temperature-controlle "pizza oven" for reflow soldering. With this oven, you can finalize your OpenLedModules.

Step 6: Assemble your LED lamp
Get all the material that is required for your lamp model.

Example: for lamp 40FLATLED you need a power source (constant power source), an IKEA picture frame, some lasercut parts and other mounting material and cables. See the data sheet of lamp 40FLATLED for the complete bill of materials.


You can buy cheap LED lamps in every hardware store, but many of the lamps you get there are just cheap crap.

Commercial LED lamps tend to break down after a short time and in many cases you have to throw away the whole lamp just because only one little part of it is broken.

The solution for this problem is: simply build your own LED lamp! If a part of your self made lamp breaks down: just fix that part.

  • If one LED breaks: fix the LED.
  • If the whole LED module breaks: replace it.
  • If the power supply breaks: replace it.

It's easy - believe me. If your are not able to fix it on your own: ask a friend or go to the hackerspace around the corner.

That's what the OpenLedModule project is about: we provide basic LED lamp designs that work, while making sure that these LED lamps can also be easily maintained.


The OpenLedModule project was initiated by blinkgestalten


The OpenLedModule project is licensed under a CC BY-SA 4.0 License. See LicenseCC_BY-SA_4.0.txt for license details or follow this link.

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