A series of hierarchical templates for Spring Games
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##What it is: A series of hierarchical templates for Spring Games:

  • A(lmost Minimal) - Basically just empty directories and a working ModInfo.lua, EngineOptions.lua, ModOptions.lua, Gamedata/Resources.lua and base-content gadget handler inclusion.
  • B(are Bones) - A + Gamedata/{ArmorDefs.lua, MoveDefs.lua, SideData.lua} skeletons with links to relevant wiki articles, as well as inclusion of base content unit_script.lua, game_spawn.lua and game_end.lua
  • C(hili UI Framework) - B + Chili (2.1) & associated files to make it work

Most people will want to use B or C, A isn't much use to anyone.

##What it isn't:

  • A replacement to SimpleTutorialGame (but perhaps to PTSnoop's EmptyMod, which was in turn based on the original A.sdd)
  • A repository of example units and scripts, none are included whatsoever

More info on Spring Engine wiki