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Moodle plugin to restrict access to an activity by experience level.
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Level up! Availability (availability_xp)

Moodle plugin to limit the access to course content according to the user level of experience.


  • Restrict access to users with a level greater or equal than x.


How to use

  1. Install the block Level up!
  2. Install this plugin
  3. Add the block 'Level up!' to a course
  4. Find the new 'Level' restriction under 'Restrict access' in activity/section settings


Zip upload

If you have configured Moodle to allow plugin installation from the user interface, and you received a zip of the plugin, follow the following steps. If not, refer to the manual process.

  1. Visit the Install plugins admin page (Site administration > Plugins > Install plugins)
  2. Drag & drop the plugin in the Zip package area
  3. Click Install plugin from the ZIP file and follow the process

That's it!

Manual process

  1. Place the content of this plugin in the folder availability/condition/xp.
  2. Visit your admin's Notifications page (Site administration > Notifications)
  3. Follow the upgrade process

That's it!


Licensed under the GNU GPL License

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