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A PS Vita plugin that takes a screenshot when you get a trophy.


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What does it do?

Just like in PS4, it takes a screenshot whenever you unlock a trophy.

Best used with reScreeny:,51.0.html

How do I install it?

Get it from here:

In config.txt inside tai folder,

TrophyShot.suprx goes under *main

like this:


After modifying the config, reboot.


  • FMudanyali of Team CBPS - SceScreenShot implementation, first 4 iterations, taught teakhanirons how to use snprintf
  • Graphene of Team CBPS - SceShellUtil reverse engineering and ShellUtil clipboard trick, stabilization by module seperation and platinum testing
  • Princess of Sleeping of Team CBPS - SceShell reverse engineering guidance
  • teakhanirons of Team CBPS - SceScreenShot and additional SceShell reverse engineering
  • dots-tb of Team CBPS - Additional reverse engineering guidance, cool guy in general
  • Silica of Team CBPS - Prevented a disaster, twice
  • Pina of Team CBPS - Was there
  • yasen of Team CBPS - Morale support
  • cuevavirus of Team CBPS - DolceSDK maintainance
  • Nkekev of Team CBPS - Requested this plugin a long time ago
  • and Team CBPS.