Node.js wrapper for JSLint
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JSLint Reporter
Node.js wrapper for JSLint <>


⚠ NOTE: This wrapper no longer constitutes the state of the art. We recommend
        using one of the alternatives listed below.



  $ jslint-reporter [options] <filepath>

(use `--upgrade` to generate jslint.js alongside wrapper.js)


    names as per
    (e.g. "--vars --predef=foo,bar,baz --maxlen=80")

    output format, using the following placeholders:
    {f}: file    {l}: line    {c}: character    {m}: message
    defaults to "{f}:{l}:{c}:{m}"

    download latest version of JSLint

    display additional information

    display version numbers for both JSLint Reporter and JSLint

    display this usage information


* see <>
* JSHint <>
* ESLint <>