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Commits on Nov 28, 2009
  1. added renderer module providing Projection

    FND authored
  2. added setAttr Collection method

    FND authored
  3. added get Collection method

    FND authored
    also renamed existing CRUD methods to match HTTP verbs
    (no distinction required between create and update)
  4. added mico attributes for body and content type

    FND authored
    content type refers to the mico body
  5. s/MicoPad/Mico/

    FND authored
    Mico as proper noun denotes the project name
    mico as common noun denotes individual units
    The resulting ambiguity (namespace vs. class vs. instance) was deemed
    acceptable, despite constructs like var mico = new mico.Mico().
Commits on Nov 21, 2009
  1. added support for custom filter function

    FND authored
  2. moved everything into micopad namespace

    FND authored
  3. MicoPad

    FND authored
  4. s/tiddler/mico/g

    FND authored
    also s/Store/Collection/g
  5. made Store sub-class Array

    FND authored
  6. added filter method for collections

    FND authored
    introduces jQuery dependency
  7. ensured that collections always have a length attribute

    FND authored
    required for Firebug to display them as arrays
    plus minor adjustments
  8. minor simplifications

    FND authored
  9. added remove method to collections

    FND authored
  10. added indexes to collections

    FND authored
    these allow lookups by ID and title in addition to order
  11. improved ID generation

    FND authored
  12. initial commit

    FND authored
    tiddlers and collections
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