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Hybrid TiddlyWiki
serializer generating accessible TiddlyWiki documents
Renders a static representation of tiddlers into the document's
NOSCRIPT section.
Static tiddlers are listed one per line in the tiddler specified via
config["static_index"] (defaults to "DefaultTiddlers").
N.B.: This plugin must be invoked *after* tiddlywebwiki.plugin, and
should thus be listed accordingly in system_plugins.
* unit tests
* efficiency enhancements when retrieving tiddlers
* support filter expressions (e.g. [tag[static]]) in _read_bracketed_list
import re
from tiddlyweb.model.bag import Bag
from tiddlyweb.model.recipe import Recipe
from tiddlyweb import control
from tiddlyweb.wikitext import render_wikitext
from tiddlywebwiki.serialization import Serialization as WikiSerializer
__version__ = "0.2.1"
default_static_index = "DefaultTiddlers"
tiddler_template = """
<div class="tiddler">
def init(config):
# register serializer
content_type = "text/x-tiddlywiki"
config["extension_types"]["wiki"] = content_type
config["serializers"][content_type] = [__name__, "text/html; charset=UTF-8"]
class Serialization(WikiSerializer):
def _no_script(self, url):
returns static HTML representation of a list of tiddlers
static_index = self.environ["tiddlyweb.config"]["static_index"]
except KeyError: # default
static_index = default_static_index
store = self.environ[""]
routing_args = self.environ["wsgiorg.routing_args"][1]
try: # recipe
recipe = routing_args["recipe_name"]
recipe = Recipe(recipe)
recipe = store.get(recipe)
tiddlers = control.get_tiddlers_from_recipe(recipe, self.environ)
except KeyError: # bag
bag = routing_args["bag_name"]
bag = Bag(bag)
bag = store.get(bag)
tiddlers = control.get_tiddlers_from_bag(bag)
tiddlers = dict([(tiddler.title, tiddler) for tiddler in tiddlers])
static_tiddlers = []
index_tiddler = tiddlers[static_index]
for title in _read_bracketed_list(index_tiddler.text):
tiddler = tiddlers.get(title)
text = render_wikitext(tiddler, self.environ)
static_tiddlers.append(tiddler_template %
(tiddler.title, text))
except AttributeError: # tiddler does not exist
except KeyError: # static_index tiddler does not exist
intro = super(Serialization, self)._no_script(url)
return "%s\n%s" % (intro, "\n".join(static_tiddlers))
def _read_bracketed_list(txt):
retrieve items from bracketed list
items argument is a space or newline-separated list with individual items
optionally enclosed in double brackets
N.B.: Does not preserve order.
pattern = r"\s*\[\[(.*?)\]\]\s*"
complex_items = re.findall(pattern, txt)
simple_items = re.sub(pattern, " ", txt).strip()
simple_items = re.split(r"[ \n]", simple_items)
return [item for item in simple_items + complex_items if item] # XXX: inefficient way to strip empty list items!?