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Promoting the usage web tools to increase productivity of work done towards social good
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Open Web Tools for Digital Security and

Open Web for Social Good

Hello! Welcome!

Thanks for showing interest in this project.

Open Internet has many resources that can help any orgaization.

With growing internet connectivity accross globe and increasing number of voices to be heard, internet can help these voices reach out further. It is also important to have safe spaces online to protect Freedom of Expression which is being threatened by the governments and power hoarders from many places around the globe.

Although the number of Non-Government Organizations and Non-Profit Organizations are growing it is never enough. These organisations can collaborate with each other and do great things. Open Web can play a crucial role in giving these collaboration safe and secure place to grow.

In this project Open Web Social Good, we are going to build safe and secure digital spaces for collaborations and support organizations in using those spaces to create more social impact.

Help us Support Non-Government Organizations and Non-Profit Organizations in using Open Web (Internet) to do their best in doing social good.


Milestone 1:

March - April 1

Identify Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which can have positive impact with usage of Open Web tools.

Milestone 2:

April 1 - April 7

Identify NGOs and NPOs operating towards the selected SDGs at local location of the Project (New Delhi, India) and schedule appointments to understand the needs of the organization(s).

Milestone 3:

April 8 - April 20

Meet with the Organisations and understand their work flow and methodology, their needs.

Milestone 4:

April 20 - April 31

Identify the Open Web tools which can be used to improve their productivity and efficiency. Release a call for Volunteers for organising workshops.

Milestone 5:

May 1 - May 15

Partner with the orgaisation(s) to organise training workshops for their staff which will train them in using Open web tools aspart of their work flow. For this, study the audience to make content of workshop easily understandable; Release a call for speakers.

Milestone 6:

May 15 - May 31

Study and Analyse the impact of the workshop. Publish the results.

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