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Free/Open Source Software at RIT

Python 6 22


HTML generator to create a page for student profiles from yaml files

Updated Apr 30, 2016

Shell 1 0


Open source Minecraft server used to teach K-12 kids and teens about FOSS

Updated Apr 25, 2016

Updated Apr 22, 2016

Python 1 15


This is the framework for a Sugar Activity. Everything needed to quickly start an activity for the Sugar OLPC XO.

Updated Apr 4, 2016

Python 3 1


Updated Jan 28, 2016


In this book, you will find a collection of information that explain how to get started in the free and open source community.

Updated Jan 14, 2016

Swift 0 11


Updated Dec 22, 2015

Python 9 11


Python script which takes a string of Remyspeak and translates to human-readable format.

Updated Nov 4, 2015

Python 0 2


forked from wilfriedE/FIRSTMastery

A centralized training resource for all FIRST Robotics team. Soon...

Updated Apr 26, 2015

Makefile 2 13


forked from ryansb/ofCourse

Python courseware leveraging Flask and OpenShift

Updated Apr 9, 2015


Free and Open buzzers.

Updated Apr 9, 2015

Python 0 1


forked from mstubinis/PaintPartners

A collaborative drawing board using pygame that can be configured to be a teaching utility by limiting who can draw. This will be compatible with Windows and Linux based systems, including the Raspberry Pi.

Updated Jan 3, 2015


forked from ajman1101/Remy-The-Flossopher

Updated Dec 21, 2014

Python 0 199


forked from brendan-w/python-OBD

python OBD-II serial module derived from pyobd

Updated Dec 18, 2014


forked from msoucy/libfabd

D bindings for libfab

Updated Dec 16, 2014


forked from rossdylan/libfab

A port of the python library fabulous to C

Updated Dec 16, 2014

Python 0 4


forked from brendan-w/piHud

Configurable heads up display fit for the Raspberry Pi

Updated Dec 16, 2014

Python 0 1


forked from kangareuben/PuppysPen

A visual math game for 4th graders written in Python for the XO laptop

Updated Dec 15, 2014

Python 0 0


A very simple server and client example implemented in python that could be used and expanded upon for large scale projects. The two scripts here can be considered part of the public domain.

Updated Dec 4, 2014


forked from ajman1101/Twine2Unity

Updated Nov 20, 2014

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