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Official website for Free and Open Source Software @ RIT MAGIC Center and FOSS academia


This is the website for the Free and Open Source Software initiative at the RIT MAGIC Center. This website includes content for community initiatives, FOSS academic courses, and more. It is also used to communicate announcements to the RIT FOSS community.

This repository is how to edit the website

How to contribute

  1. Fork this repository!
  2. Make your desired changes to either add additional features or repair existing ones.
  3. Create a feature branch for those changes.
  4. Commit your changes to your new feature branch on the forked repository.
  5. Once satisfied with your changes, open a pull request from the feature branch to the parent project.
  6. Wait patiently while the request is reviewed as well as run through CI tests. Once you complete those steps, you have successfully contributed to this repository!

You can also visit, which contains some instructions about the structure of a portion of the website, such as calendar feed and creating a development environment. If you are interested in those areas, the runbook website may be useful.


This website is licensed under the Mozilla Public License 2.0. It is based off of RITlug/, a Creative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal project. However it does not have full feature parity with the RITlug site (see FOSSRIT/ for details).