A quick at-a-galance overview of the activity in a Github organization
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Infoboard is a simple GTK3 application for watching the activity of members of a Github organization.

Example screenshot


Infoboard consists of two seperate pieces, infoboard (the frontend) and scraper (the Github-interfacing backend). Both must be running in order for the GTK application to get new events, however infoboard is not required to run if another frontend (web, JSON, IRC bot, etc) is desired.


The settings are stored in settings.yaml and should look something like this:

organization: FOSSRIT
events: 8
users: 1
repositories: 1
scale: 1
interval: 360
db_uri: sqlite:///knowledge.db

The settings user and password should be set to your Github username/password, if desired. scraper can run without this, but it will only be able to make 60 API calls per hour, and will not see any private information. infoboard does not require this to be set.

organization is the Github organization you wish to track. It can be any Github organization, however you will not necessarily see events from all users of an organization you are not a part of.

events, users, and repositories determine how the window is populated. events defines the number of events present on the left side of the screen at any given time. users and repositories define how many spotlighted users and repositories (respectively) appear on the right. These may be tweaked independently for your device's screen and/or taste.

scale also tweaks the display, but this is simply a constant multiplier on how large gravatars are scaled on the display.

interval is the time interval (in seconds) between refreshes of the display and backend.

db_uri is a URI for any database recognized by SQLAlchemy.