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DSM 5.x/6.x CPU name & cores infomation Change tool
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Howto Run

  1. Download attached file on your PC (ch_cpuinfo.tar)

  2. Upload file to your DSM location (by filestation, sftp, webdav etc....)

  3. Connect to ssh by admin account. (dsm > control panel > terminal & snmp > terminal > enable ssh check)

  4. Switch user to root:

    sudo su -

    (input admin password)

  5. Change directory to where ch_cpuinfo.tar file is located:

    cd /volume1/temp

  6. Decompress file & check file:

    tar xvf ch_cpuinfo.tar
    ls -lrt chmod 755 ch_cpuinfo

    (check root’s run auth)

  7. Run to Binary file

    ./ (If you use busybox in 5.x, you can use it as a source file)

  8. When you execute it, proceed according to the description that is output.

  9. Check your DSM’s CPU name, CPU cores at information center

Reference URL

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