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P4 program to merge SMPTE ST 2110-20 flows together based on raster row number
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This P4 program allows the on-switch mixing of certain raster rows (a.k.a. scan lines) from one SMPTE ST 2110-20 flow with certain raster rows from another 2110-20 flow. (It probably also works with the very similar RFC 4175). The resulting combined flow has its destination IP address restamped.

A potential use for this would be the "hard switching" of a lower third graphic.

Only the first Sample Row Data (SRD) header in a packet is examined. This technique would work best with 2110-20 systems that only have data from a single raster row in a packet.

commands_2110_lower_3rd.txt: BMv2 CLI commands example to set up a lower third Rows 0-480 come from the flow with DST IP Rows 481-719 come from the flow with DST IP The resulting output flow is restamped with DST IP

2110_lower_3rd_screenshot.png: Wireshark screenshot showing how the switch output flows change from source at lines (aka rows) up to 480, then starting with line 481 the source comes from

lower_3rd.jpg: Actual mixture of two live ST 2110-20 video sources, split at line 520 in a 720p59.94 signal.

If you need a SMPTE ST 2110-20 Wireshark dissector, see:

Note this P4 program has now been developed for a Tofino target.

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