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Alhambra II board

OpenFPGA development made easy. If your are interested in getting one board, please go to AlhambraBits


  • FPGA development board (iCE40HX4K-TQ144 from lattice)
  • Open hardware
  • Compatible with the opensource [icestorm toolchain](Compatible with the opensource icestorm toolchain) and Icestudio
  • Arduino like board: similar pinout than Arduino one
  • You can Reuse most of available shields
  • Control your robots / printbots from an FPGA
  • 12 MHZ MEMS oscillator
  • ON/OFF switch (turn off your mobile robot easily)
  • USB power supply. Two connectors. Up to 4.8A
  • Cold boot pins accesible from GPIO
  • Analog pins (though the i2c embeded A/D converter)
  • 20 Input/output 3.3v (5v tolerant) pins
  • FTDI 2232H USB device allows FPGA programming and UART interface to a PC
  • Reset pushbutton
  • 8 general purpose leds (user leds)
  • 2 general purpose pushbuttons
  • 4MB flash memory



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