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Digital Design for OpenSource FPGAs made easy:


Linux, Mac and Windows


Find all the information on this WIKI PAGE


Icestudio is a design tool focused on new comers to the FPGA world

  • Step 1: Draw your circuit

  • Step 2: Upload it to your favorite OpenSource FPGA board

  • Step 3: Done! 😀️


Hello world examples from the iceK collection

Alhambra II board

(Example repo)

iceBreaker board

(Example repo)

Icemem collection: example 23

(Icemem example repo)

SPI 7 segments 4 digits controller example

(SPI Display Notes) (In spanish)


(Risc-V FPGA icestudio repo)


(Z80-FPGA icestudio repo)

Hack CPU (Nand2tetris project)

(Nand2tetris-icestudio repo)


Language Translated strings
Spanish (es_ES) Progress
English (en) Progress
German (de_DE) Progress
Russian (ru_RU) Progress
Japanese (ja_JP) Progress
French (fr_FR) Progress
Taiwanese (zh_TW) Progress
Italian (it_IT) Progress
Chinese (zh_CN) Progress
Turkish (tr_TR) Progress
Korean (ko_KR) Progress
Basque (eu_ES) Progress
Czech (cs_CZ) Progress
Catalonian (ca_ES) Progress
Greek (el_GR) Progress
Dutch (nl_NL) Progress
Galician (gl_ES) Progress


Add or update the app translations using Poedit.

Developer note:

  • use grunt gettext to extract the labels from the code and update the template file (template.pot)
  • use scripts/ to update current existing *.po language files based on the template (before editing them)
  • use grunt compiletext to regenerate *.json language files (these are what the IDE really need) to test them

Developer note: use export NWJS_BUILD_TYPE=sdk after npm install to enable the chrome web console.


Version Contributors
0.10 kanade-k-1228, vr2045, Carlos Venegas Arrabé, Juan González (Obijuan)
0.9-1 Juan González (Obijuan)
0.9 Carlos Venegas Arrabé, mslider, Joaquim (jojo535275),Fernando Mosquera, TheSnowfield, Juan González (Obijuan)
0.8 Carlos Venegas Arrabé, Joaquim (jojo535275), Fernando Mosquera, Ümit Solmaz, TinLethax, seanybaggins, mslider, Juan González (Obijuan)
0.7 Carlos Venegas Arrabé, Juan González (Obijuan), Joaquim (jojo535275)
0.6 Carlos Venegas Arrabé, Juan González (Obijuan), Miodrag Milanovic, Pascal Cotret, aalku,, Lorea Aldabaldetreku, TimRudy, Sam, Kyle Lomem, pitrz, Francisco Sayas, jojo535275, Fernando Mosquera, Derek Lai, wifasoi, Carls, Datanoise, Andrew Goodney, Jose Miguel Sánchez García, Alejomejia, reclaimed, Marcel Ochsendorf, HwaGyeong
0.5 Carlos Venegas Arrabé, Juan González (Obijuan), Zakary Kamal Ismail, Sam
0.4 Jesus Arroyo, Carlos Venegas Arrabé, Elektor.Labs, Piotr Esden-Tempski, Miodrag Milanović, raTmole, Luca Cristaldi
0.3 Jesus Arroyo, Luke Valenty, Lorea-Aldabaldetreku, Carlos Díaz, Martoni, Xoan Sampaiño, Unai, Francisco Sayas, Pascal Cotret, Juan Jose Luna Espinosa, Salvador E. Tropea, redbeard, Eladio Delgado, Philipp van Kempen
0.2 Jesus Arroyo, Tomás Calvo, Juan González (Obijuan), Carlos Díaz, Xoan Sampaiño, Salvador E. Tropea, Democrito, Martoni, Pascal Cotret
0.1 Jesus Arroyo, Miguel Sánchez de León Peque


  • Carlos Venegas Arrabé is the main developer since 2019/Oct

  • Jesus Arroyo started this project on 2016/Jan/28. He was the main developer from 2016/Jan to 2019/Oct

  • FPGAwars community has developed this project in a voluntary and altruistic way since 02/2017.

  • BQ sponsored this project from 02/2016 to 02/2017. Thanks


Licensed under GPL 2.0 and Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.