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More importantly, how NOT to report issues:

  • Ask for help first on the forum.
  • Don't ask for help. I'm not a troubleshooter, besides, it's way more effective to ask on a forum. THE GITHUB ISSUES PAGE IS NOT FOR YOUR OWN DARKRP ISSUES, IT'S ABOUT BUGS AND FEATURE REQUESTS IN DARKRP
  • Don't ask me to make ridiculously big things. Big things are usually supposed to be another mod.
  • Don't ask help about other mods here. Seriously, are you fucking retarded?
  • Don't you fucking post new god damn issue when your previous one has been closed. Keep fucking posting in the closed issues. I get an email for every post in any issue, regardless of whether it's closed.
  • Don't post an issue just saying something doesn't work. I don't give a fuck if it "Doesn't work", give me details, errors, console logs and tell me why you think it really is my fault and that you think you didn't fuck this shit up yourself.
  • Don't open issues to ask questions. If you just want to ask a question, it's probably not a bug or a feature request. Fuck off and go elsewhere.
  • If your server starts on sandbox, you fucked it up yourself. Don't post an issue.
  • Don't post duplicate issues. Search first.
  • If you have this error: "couldn't include file darkrp\gamemode\cl_init.lua (File not found)" you fucked it up yourself. Don't post an issue. I am not here to fix your own god damn fuckups.
  • If your mayor cannot work with laws, control lockdowns or start a lottery then you failed to update correctly or you copy and pasted someone else's outdated mayor job over yours. Your fault.
  • Don't report issues from servers you just play on. This is retarded, go to the server owner with your problem. I'm not responsible for every server that runs DarkRP.

Failure to follow these rules might get you blocked. You're a cunt.

But hey, if you have a bug or a feature request, you're welcome.

How to post a good issue

  • Give as much information as you can
  • Scan the console for errors and post them
  • Describe exactly what the problem is
  • If I want to make the problem happen again. What should I do? This is called "reproducing the issue". If I can make the problem happen on my computer, that means I can investigate it, fix it, and see if my fix works. Please tell me how to make the issue happen!

If you have a bug report and fail to obey the "proper bug report rules" I won't get as mad as I will when you're a cunt. The worst I'll do is close your issue.

If you ever wonder why your issue was closed, just ask in the same issue. I will tell you why the issue was closed.

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