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Sonic Squirrels

FRC Team #2930. We are a High School Robotics team participating in FIRST FRC competitions. Glacier Peak High School in Snohomish, Washington.


  1. 2023-Robot-Code 2023-Robot-Code Public

    2023 FRC Season robot code for team 2930, the Sonic Squirrels

    Java 8

  2. 2022-Robot-Code 2022-Robot-Code Public

    2022 FRC season code for team 2930, the Sonic Squirrels.

    Java 1

  3. MinibotCode MinibotCode Public

    Code for programming testbeds

    Java 1

  4. Flywheel-Tuner Flywheel-Tuner Public

    RoboRIO program for tuning a flywheel PID. Falcon and NEO motor support

    Java 7 2


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