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While this guy does most of the development of this project, the QDriverStation has received contributions and help from many people. If you have contributed to this project and you are not in this list, please e-mail me so that I can add you to this list (or make a pull request).

  • Jessica Creighton, for providing excelent information regarding the 2015 protocol and thus solving numerous issues in the 2015 protocol implementation.
  • Thomas Clark, for providing the pseudo-code needed to detect user code on the roboRIO and providing information about the "extra" data structures in the roboRIO->DS packets.
  • Ray Stubbs, for providing the much-needed help regarding joystick encoding for the 2015 protocol. If you are good with Java (which I am not), you can contribute to his DS library.
  • Ben Wolsieffer, for creating an ArchLinux package for the QDriverStation, providing essential information and support for implementing the 2014 protocol and improving the dashboard initialization code.
  • Tyler Veness, for improving the code used to get CPU usage under GNU/Linux.
  • Simon Andrews, for improving the Linux launcher of the QDriverStation.
  • Thomas Ross, for fixing the Travis CI build script.
  • Dakota Keeler, for building Debian Packages of the application, providing feedback and making a video tutorial to compile and run the QDriverStation on Linux systems.
  • Jelomite, for creating the application icon.
  • Peter Mitrano, for contributing to the .gitignore configuration and thus avoiding possible compilation issues.
  • SoftwareBug2.0, for helping fellow GNU/Linux users using Ubuntu to compile the application.