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Feature-rich Kotlin JVM based robotics library, primarily for use in the FIRST Robotics Competition. FalconLibrary is the backend for all Team 5190 robots.

Note: Due to the usage of inline classes, the units code does NOT work in Java.

core: Platform-agnostic mathematics and units code

  • Typesafe units of measure
    • Quick and easy conversions between all length, velocity, acceleration, electrical units.
    • Support for Talon SRX native unit length and rotation models.
  • Shape-safe matrix operations
    • Detect matrix shape mismatches at runtime by attempting to mimic C++'s templates using Generics
  • State-space modern control

wpi: Code specific to the RoboRIO and FIRST Robotics Competition

  • Built-in drive subsystem abstraction with support for arbitrary localization.
  • Kotlin wrappers around the command based framework

vendorXXX: RoboRIO vendor extensions

  • Talon SRX and Spark MAX wrappers that utilize Kotlin properties to set configurations.
  • Custom gyro Rotation2d sources.

Using FalconLibrary in your project

Make sure you can retrieve dependencies from JitPack. Add this to your build.gradle:

repositories {
    maven { url '' }

Under the dependencies section of your build.gradle, add the specific submodules that you want in your project. All of the submodules are presented below.

compile 'org.ghrobotics.FalconLibrary:core:2020.2.2'
compile 'org.ghrobotics.FalconLibrary:wpi:2020.2.2'
compile 'org.ghrobotics.FalconLibrary:vendorCTRE:2020.2.2'
compile 'org.ghrobotics.FalconLibrary:vendorNAVX:2020.2.2'
compile 'org.ghrobotics.FalconLibrary:vendorREV:2020.2.2'

Alternatively, you can include all submodules at once:

compile 'org.ghrobotics:FalconLibrary:2020.2.2'

Note that you must include the vendordeps JSON file in your own robot project to correctly use the vendorXXX modules.


You are always welcome to submit a PR if you think that you can contribute something to this library. Remember that this is a FRC-game-agnostic library, so please don't ask for season-specific code to be merged.


Feature-rich Kotlin JVM based robotics library, primarily for use in the FIRST Robotics Competition.




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