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2017 FRC Steamworks Code
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FRC Steamworks Code

This repository contains the code used by Team 5557 (BB-R8ERS) during FRC Steamworks.

Repository Guidelines

  • Maintain code cleanliness - the IDE has an organize code function for a reason
  • Write code that is easy for someone else to understand; don't give ambiguous names to variables and comment
  • Make sure to commit and push all changes to GitHub
  • Before editing any code, notify the Slack programming chat regarding which files you are working on
  • Remember that two people cannot be working on one file at the same time - this causes GitHub to be confused and throw errors
  • Make sure to use GitHub features such as the issue tracker

Importing Project into Eclipse

  1. Make sure you have the WPILib Java Eclipse plugins installed, follow the instructions here
  2. Use Git to clone the repository into the Eclipse workspace location
  3. Create a new Robot Java Project, setting its name to the same value as the cloned Git folder (which should be FRC-Steamworks unless modified from the default value)
  • The project type should be Command-Based Robot Note: You may need to enter the team number if this is your first time setting up the project, which is 5557 in this case

  • You should now have a properly setup project in your Eclipse workspace

Additional Notes

  • In-depth information on WPILib and the 2017 FRC Control System can be found here
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