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Parts FIRST Team 1073 3D prints for use on their robots.
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Arduino Case.stl
Ball Launcher End Cap.stl
BaneBot motor cap.stl
Box Stock End Cap Pair.stl
Camera mount 15 deg.stl
Camera mount.stl
Chain tensioner.stl
Collector end caps.stl
Encoder Mount 5.stl
Encoder Mount2.stl
Encoder Mount3.stl
Encoder Mount4.stl
Key Handle.stl
Pulley to print.stl
Screw 80-20 mount.stl
Sensor Mount w support.stl
Sensor Mount.stl
Spool Mount.stl
distance sensors.stl
infrared sensor mount.stl
mag encoder shooter real.stl
mag shooter.stl

FIRST Team 1073's Robot 3D Printable Robot Parts

These files are parts that we print out with our Solidoodle 3D Printer. Having a 3D printer for FIRST Robotics makes it easy for us to quickly prototype parts, save man power by delegating the manufacturing of complicated parts to our printer, and to quickly make an abdundance of backup parts.


The majority of these parts are agnostic to any particular robot, we hope that thay may be of use to your team and if you have any questions feel free to ask!

Get a FIRST Team 1073 Claw

If you come to one of our competitions be sure to be on the lookout for us and ask for one of our cool 1073 claws.

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