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Team 4069 LoEllen Robotics 2012 Robot

Robot code is final. No further changes is required.

Robot code released under GPLv3.


Some things:

  1. Low-pass filter for drive train
  2. Precision mode for drive train
  3. Software correcting a mechanical issue causing the drive train not to be straight.
  4. PID controller for shooter.
  5. Automatic ball detection/shooter.
  6. Autonomous mode includes shooting 2 balls from the key area at set RPM.

Known issue:

  1. PID integral term does not reset if a ball is shot and the RPM dips. This causes longer settling time for the next shot. However, if the button is released, the PID error term resets itself.

Build instructions

If you checked out the code here and import it into eclipse with the WPI plugin installed. You will not be able to build. The reason is that my WPI plugin installation broke somehow and I had to deploy/run via ant

Once you check out this repo, go into build.xml and remove the 25th and 27th line. This 2 lines is geared towards my computer and will fail if you try to deploy and run.

You also need to create a file, under src/frc/t4069/robots. The name of the file is Here's the content of this file (You can just use this or modify it if you wish):

package frc.t4069.robots;
public final class Version {
  public static final String author = "Shuhao";
  public static final String version = "final";

The reason for this file is that it's to differentiate which version and which developer worked on this robot. SmartDashboard will print out the version and the author, so there's no confusion.

Once that's done, save and hit FRC Deploy.

Alternatively, you could change those 2 lines to your respective sunspot and wpilibj directories, and use ant deploy run to deploy and run the code on the robot. There's a couple other capabilities as well such as ant deploy or ant run (I believe). Note, if you're under Linux, you may need to do sudo ant .... instead of just ant ... if you encounter any permission related issues.


Code is organized in the package Under .utils there are some simple utilities. Most of these are unused, with the exception of GameController and Logger. networking was unused completely and it's not a stable version. So don't use that. That was created in conjuction with mediator, which could provide control of the robot without FRC software (possibility of controlling with smartphone, but that requires a lot more code that I didn't write).

Under .robots it's very simple. RobotMap maps all the signal ports. The2012Robotis an extension to the iterative robot. .subsystems. has all the systems on the robot as its individual objects.

Additional Note

The code base consists of only about 500 lines of code. I know. It's very short, especially after the reorganization of the code.

I wasn't kidding when I say it's just a line.

In fact, most of the time I was netting negative lines.


The main robot code for 2012




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