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Commits on Jul 27, 2010
  1. @dagolden
  2. @dagolden

    Update Changes for release

    dagolden authored
  3. @rurban @dagolden

    _case_tolerant, file_qr method, no uc paths

    rurban authored dagolden committed
     - New method _case_tolerant to cache slow File::Spec::case_tolerant calls.
       I wrote those upstream methods, I should know.
       This fixes RT#55162, improving performance from typically 5 min to 10 seconds.
     - Make file_qr a method.
     - Do not store uppercased paths on case_tolerant filesystems, only do
       case-insensitive comparisons. [Reini Urban]
    Signed-off-by: David Golden <>
  4. @dagolden

    ModuleInfo warns instead of dying on a bad version

    dagolden authored
    The version method now just returns undef (RT#59593)
Commits on Jun 30, 2010
  1. @dagolden
  2. @dagolden

    Revise approach for normalizing prereqs in M::B::C

    dagolden authored
    Also fixes test problems.
  3. @dagolden

    M::B::Compat better handling of dotted-decimal prereqs

    Apocalypse authored dagolden committed
    I've been using M::B::Compat for a while and saw this happen from time
    to time:
    Prereq '0.1.2' for 'File::Find::Object' is not supported by
    I meant to patch it so the message is more helpful for us authors who
    get perplexed at first. Then, after some digging around the guts of
    M::B, I realized it could auto-convert the "common" dotted-decimal
    case to the proper format. 0.1.2 -> 0.001002
    Here's the patch that adds the auto-conversion logic and some tests
    for it. However, I'm not entirely sure the conversion logic is ok, and
    one of my test blocks FAILs. ( patch applied against SVN r14210 )
    I'm hoping this is a good building block for you to use and tweak
    until it's working :)
    P.S. Thanks goes to rindolf ( Shlomi Fish ), who reminded me of this
    issue and made me submit this :)
  4. @dagolden
Commits on Jun 16, 2010
  1. @dagolden
  2. @dagolden
  3. @dagolden
  4. @dagolden

    confirm AS doc tools earlier

    dagolden authored
  5. @dagolden

    revise automatic configure_requires

    dagolden authored
    Moves it into get_metadata and warns when it happens.
Commits on May 27, 2010
  1. @dagolden

    bump version to 0.36_12

    dagolden authored
  2. @dagolden

    prep Changes for release

    dagolden authored
  3. @dagolden
Commits on May 19, 2010
  1. @dagolden

    bumped version to 0.36_11

    dagolden authored
  2. @dagolden

    give credit in Changes

    dagolden authored
  3. @dagolden

    Changes - prep for release

    dagolden authored
  4. @dagolden

    remove trailing space

    dagolden authored
Commits on May 12, 2010
  1. @klaus03

    Revert changes STOP-INSTALL-MANPAGES from the old commit 876e97c

    klaus03 authored
    The old commit 876e97c... had changes to improve HTML generation on ActivePerl.
    Most changes were ok, but not all. In fact one change proved to be problematic
    with respect to testing in t/manifypods.t on windows:
    Here is the test log:
    # Failed test 'Created t\...\man\man1\ manpage'     at t/manifypods.t line 134.
    # Failed test 'Created t\...\man\man3\Simple.3 manpage'        at t/manifypods.t line 134.
    # Failed test 'Created t\...\man\man3\Simple.AllPod.3 manpage' at t/manifypods.t line 134.
    # Looks like you failed 3 tests of 21.
    This commit reverts only this one change, all the other changes of the old commit 876e97c
    remain intact.
    That original change (which is now reverted by this commit) was:
    ++ sub install_map (line 4830)
    ++ Added some logic so that man pages are not installed unless you are
    ++ running on a Unix like operating system.
Commits on May 11, 2010
  1. @dagolden
  2. @dagolden

    bumping version to 0.36_10

    dagolden authored
  3. @dagolden

    Changes - prep for release

    dagolden authored
  4. @dagolden
  5. @klaus03 @dagolden

    Replace the use of ActivePerl::PPM::InstallHist by a simple touch per…

    klaus03 authored dagolden committed
    Also remove the stop to writing HTML for PPM
  6. @dagolden

    cleanup trailing whitespace

    dagolden authored
  7. @klaus03 @dagolden

    improve HTML generation on ActivePerl

    klaus03 authored dagolden committed
    Based on the combined work of Scott Renner and Klaus Eichner.
    Notes on original patch by Scott Renner:
    Here is a summary of the changes….
    In the section setting default properties… (line 929)
    Deleted the property “html_css”, it is no longer needed or used.
    sub _is_ActivePerl (line 3034)
    New method that returns true if running on an ActivePerl installation.
    Is set using the same eval (require ActivePerl::DocTools) that was used
    to set the property “html_css”. This is not a property because its
    value needs to be determined when the installation is run, not the
    value on the system that built the package.
    sub ACTION_manpages (line 3039)
    I removed the check to see if there are any files to process, because
    this is performed in both the ‘manify’ subs. No point in doing the
    check twice.
    sub ACTION_html (line 3133)
    I also optimized this sub as well. ‘htmlify_pods’ checks if there are
    no files to process, so there really isn’t any point in doing the check
    here too.
    Sub htmlify_pods (line 3172)
    I saw the comment that says “Links to other modules are not being
    generated” and saw the problem. The original code uses “$self->blib”
    as the “podroot” and “podpath” only points to directories
    in “blib”. “podroot” must be the absolute path to the directory where
    the installed pod files are stored, and “podpath” can be relative
    directories off of podroot, plus an absolute path to the “blib”
    directory. With this code, all links are generated properly.
    If $self->_is_ActivePerl is true, we use
    ActivePerl::DocTools::Pod::pod2html to generate the HTML documentation,
    otherwise we use Pod::Html:pod2html to create it. The ActivePerl
    version also uses Pod::Html::pod2html, but then does some post
    processing on the HTML files to format them in the ActivePerl style.
    I also added code to do some cleanup on the html files after they are
    generated by pod2html. The generated HTML is NOT XHMTL, so the
    DOCTYPE is wrong. IE6+ will not display the page if it does not pass
    validation based on the DOCTYPE. Local pages also need this statement
    in the <HEAD> “<!-- saved from url=(0017)http://localhost/ -->” for
    IE6+ to load local html pages (file://) if certain security settings on
    the user’s PC are strict. Lastly anchor references to html pages
    within the package point to the “blib” directory. These are fixed up
    so they point to where they will be after they are installed.
    sub ACTION_install (line 3357)
    Added logic to check if ‘$self->is_ActivePerl’ is true, and run
    ActivePerl::DocTools::WriteTOC(). WriteTOC() is the ActivePerl routine
    that updates the ActivePerl Table of Contents page and must be run
    AFTER the all the html files have been installed.
    sub ACTION_ppmdist (line 3515)
    You don’t need to generate HTML documentation when creating a PPM
    distribution, because it is generated automatically by the ppm client
    at install. This is noted in the fact that “libdoc” and “bindoc” are
    set to “undef”. I commented out the lines that generate the HTML.
    sub install_map (line 4830)
    Added some logic so that man pages are not installed unless you are
    running on a Unix like operating system.
    Refinements from Klaus:
    - I have created a new module ActivePerl::PPM::InstallHist, subroutine
    add_info() to handle the file date of 'lib/perllocal.pod' (and I have
    added some comments where I suggest a replacement procedure)
    - I have cloned your subroutine _is_ActivePerl() to create a new
    subroutine _is_ActivePPM() (to check for the new module
    - In subroutine ACTION_install, I allowed myself to wrap your call
    ActivePerl::DocTools::WriteTOC() into an eval{...} and I have added my
    own call eval{ ActivePerl::PPM::InstallHist::add_info() }.
Commits on Apr 26, 2010
  1. @dagolden

    bumping version to 0.36_09

    dagolden authored
  2. @dagolden

    update Changes for release

    dagolden authored
  3. @dagolden

    add credits to Changes

    dagolden authored
  4. @dagolden
Commits on Apr 19, 2010
  1. @dagolden

    update MANIFEST

    dagolden authored
Commits on Apr 16, 2010
  1. @dagolden
  2. @dagolden
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