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use File::Spec;
say File::Spec.curdir;

Methods (current state):

                       Unix   Mac   OS2  Win32  VMS Cygwin Epoc
canonpath              done                                    
catdir                 done                        
catfile                done                        
curdir                 done  done        done      
devnull                done  done        done      
rootdir                done              done      
tmpdir                 done  done        done      
updir                  done  done        done      
no_upwards             done                        
case_tolerant          done  done  done  done  done        done
file_name_is_absolute  done                                    
path                   done                                    
join                   done                                    
splitpath              done                                    
splitdir               done                                    
catpath                done                                    
abs2rel                done                                    
rel2abs                done                                    
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