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these days on

23:29:59 - jnthn: FROGGS: Note that you can programatically apply the is native trait also by calling trait_mod:(...) directly 23:31:11 - jnthn: So I'd guess the inline trait can just wrap the sub. On the first call it does callsame, and the sub returns the C code (so it just contains a quote). It goes off and compiles this into some temporary library, then applies the native trait to the sub, which again wraps it with the native calling stuff.

this is how it should look (and work) like in the end:


use soft; # for now use Inline;

my sub a_plus_b( Int $a, Int $b ) is inline('C') returns Int {' DLLEXPORT int a_plus_b (int a, int b) { return a + b; } '}

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