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TODO items for the Perl 6 Test Suite
Add any requested tests or other updates to this file. Please organize them
by synopsis (when applicable) or put them in the OVERALL section at the top
if they apply to the test suite in general.
NOTE that references to a t/ directory are for the t/ directory in the mu
repository found here:
Please also read t/deprecated-syntax.pod for common mistakes in the test
suite, and clear them when you update tests.
When you are adding entries here, please put something like this in the
commit message:
[TODO]: Added more tasks for S02.
This way, people working on the test suite can easily spot these commits
in #perl6.
* Add smartlinks to tests without them
* Review XXX entries for test corrections
* tests for slurp("filename", :bin) (should return a Buf)
* tests for &spurt (opposite of slurp)