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ripngd supports the RIPng protocol as described in RFC 2080. It's an IPv6 reincarnation of the RIP protocol.

Invoking ripngd

There are no ripngd specific invocation options. Common options can be specified (:ref:`common-invocation-options`).

ripngd Configuration

Currently ripngd supports the following commands:

.. index:: router ripng
.. clicmd:: router ripng

   Enable RIPng.

.. index:: flush_timer TIME
.. clicmd:: flush_timer TIME

   Set flush timer.

.. index:: network NETWORK
.. clicmd:: network NETWORK

   Set RIPng enabled interface by NETWORK.

.. index:: network IFNAME
.. clicmd:: network IFNAME

   Set RIPng enabled interface by IFNAME.

.. index:: route NETWORK
.. clicmd:: route NETWORK

   Set RIPng static routing announcement of NETWORK.

.. index:: router zebra
.. clicmd:: router zebra

   This command is the default and does not appear in the configuration. With
   this statement, RIPng routes go to the *zebra* daemon.

ripngd Terminal Mode Commands

.. index:: show ip ripng
.. clicmd:: show ip ripng

.. index:: show debugging ripng
.. clicmd:: show debugging ripng

.. index:: debug ripng events
.. clicmd:: debug ripng events

.. index:: debug ripng packet
.. clicmd:: debug ripng packet

.. index:: debug ripng zebra
.. clicmd:: debug ripng zebra

ripngd Filtering Commands

.. index:: distribute-list ACCESS_LIST (in|out) IFNAME
.. clicmd:: distribute-list ACCESS_LIST (in|out) IFNAME

   You can apply an access-list to the interface using the `distribute-list`
   command. ACCESS_LIST is an access-list name. `direct` is ``in`` or
   ``out``. If `direct` is ``in``, the access-list is applied only to incoming

      distribute-list local-only out sit1