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* VRF related header.
* Copyright (C) 2014 6WIND S.A.
* This file is part of GNU Zebra.
* GNU Zebra is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published
* by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2, or (at your
* option) any later version.
* GNU Zebra is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but
* WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along
* with this program; see the file COPYING; if not, write to the Free Software
* Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin St, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA
#ifndef _ZEBRA_VRF_H
#define _ZEBRA_VRF_H
#include "openbsd-tree.h"
#include "linklist.h"
#include "qobj.h"
#include "vty.h"
#include "ns.h"
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
/* The default VRF ID */
/* Pending: May need to refine this. */
#ifndef IFLA_VRF_MAX
#define IFLA_VRF_MAX (__IFLA_VRF_MAX - 1)
#define VRF_NAMSIZ 36
#define NS_NAMSIZ 16
* The command strings
#define VRF_CMD_HELP_STR "Specify the VRF\nThe VRF name\n"
#define VRF_ALL_CMD_HELP_STR "Specify the VRF\nAll VRFs\n"
#define VRF_FULL_CMD_HELP_STR "Specify the VRF\nThe VRF name\nAll VRFs\n"
* Pass some OS specific data up through
* to the daemons
struct vrf_data {
union {
struct {
uint32_t table_id;
char netns_name[NS_NAMSIZ];
} l;
struct vrf {
RB_ENTRY(vrf) id_entry, name_entry;
/* Identifier, same as the vector index */
vrf_id_t vrf_id;
/* Name */
char name[VRF_NAMSIZ + 1];
/* Zebra internal VRF status */
uint8_t status;
#define VRF_ACTIVE (1 << 0) /* VRF is up in kernel */
#define VRF_CONFIGURED (1 << 1) /* VRF has some FRR configuration */
/* Interfaces belonging to this VRF */
struct if_name_head ifaces_by_name;
struct if_index_head ifaces_by_index;
/* User data */
void *info;
/* The table_id from the kernel */
struct vrf_data data;
/* Back pointer to namespace context */
void *ns_ctxt;
RB_HEAD(vrf_id_head, vrf);
RB_PROTOTYPE(vrf_id_head, vrf, id_entry, vrf_id_compare)
RB_HEAD(vrf_name_head, vrf);
RB_PROTOTYPE(vrf_name_head, vrf, name_entry, vrf_name_compare)
/* Allow VRF with netns as backend */
extern struct vrf_id_head vrfs_by_id;
extern struct vrf_name_head vrfs_by_name;
extern struct vrf *vrf_lookup_by_id(vrf_id_t);
extern struct vrf *vrf_lookup_by_name(const char *);
extern struct vrf *vrf_get(vrf_id_t, const char *);
extern const char *vrf_id_to_name(vrf_id_t vrf_id);
extern vrf_id_t vrf_name_to_id(const char *);
do { \
struct vrf *_vrf; \
if (!(_vrf = vrf_lookup_by_name(NAME))) { \
if (USE_JSON) { \
vty_out(vty, "{}\n"); \
} else { \
vty_out(vty, "%% VRF %s not found\n", NAME); \
} \
return CMD_WARNING; \
} \
if (_vrf->vrf_id == VRF_UNKNOWN) { \
if (USE_JSON) { \
vty_out(vty, "{}\n"); \
} else { \
vty_out(vty, "%% VRF %s not active\n", NAME); \
} \
return CMD_WARNING; \
} \
(V) = _vrf->vrf_id; \
} while (0)
* Check whether the VRF is enabled.
static inline int vrf_is_enabled(struct vrf *vrf)
return vrf && CHECK_FLAG(vrf->status, VRF_ACTIVE);
/* check if the vrf is user configured */
static inline int vrf_is_user_cfged(struct vrf *vrf)
return vrf && CHECK_FLAG(vrf->status, VRF_CONFIGURED);
/* Mark that VRF has user configuration */
static inline void vrf_set_user_cfged(struct vrf *vrf)
/* Mark that VRF no longer has any user configuration */
static inline void vrf_reset_user_cfged(struct vrf *vrf)
* Utilities to obtain the user data
/* Get the data pointer of the specified VRF. If not found, create one. */
extern void *vrf_info_get(vrf_id_t);
/* Look up the data pointer of the specified VRF. */
extern void *vrf_info_lookup(vrf_id_t);
* VRF bit-map: maintaining flags, one bit per VRF ID
typedef void *vrf_bitmap_t;
extern vrf_bitmap_t vrf_bitmap_init(void);
extern void vrf_bitmap_free(vrf_bitmap_t);
extern void vrf_bitmap_set(vrf_bitmap_t, vrf_id_t);
extern void vrf_bitmap_unset(vrf_bitmap_t, vrf_id_t);
extern int vrf_bitmap_check(vrf_bitmap_t, vrf_id_t);
* VRF initializer/destructor
* create -> Called back when a new VRF is created. This
* can be either through these 3 options:
* 1) CLI mentions a vrf before OS knows about it
* 2) OS calls zebra and we create the vrf from OS
* callback
* 3) zebra calls individual protocols to notify
* about the new vrf
* enable -> Called back when a VRF is actually usable from
* an OS perspective ( 2 and 3 above )
* disable -> Called back when a VRF is being deleted from
* the system ( 2 and 3 ) above
* delete -> Called back when a vrf is being deleted from
* the system ( 2 and 3 ) above.
extern void vrf_init(int (*create)(struct vrf *vrf), int (*enable)(struct vrf *vrf),
int (*disable)(struct vrf *vrf), int (*destroy)(struct vrf *vrf),
int (*update)(struct vrf *vrf));
* Call vrf_terminate when the protocol is being shutdown
extern void vrf_terminate(void);
* Utilities to create networks objects,
* or call network operations
/* Create a socket serving for the given VRF */
extern int vrf_socket(int domain, int type, int protocol, vrf_id_t vrf_id,
char *name);
extern int vrf_sockunion_socket(const union sockunion *su, vrf_id_t vrf_id,
char *name);
extern int vrf_bind(vrf_id_t vrf_id, int fd, char *name);
/* VRF ioctl operations */
extern int vrf_getaddrinfo(const char *node, const char *service,
const struct addrinfo *hints, struct addrinfo **res,
vrf_id_t vrf_id);
extern int vrf_ioctl(vrf_id_t vrf_id, int d, unsigned long request, char *args);
/* function called by macro VRF_DEFAULT
* to get the default VRF_ID
extern vrf_id_t vrf_get_default_id(void);
/* The default VRF ID */
#define VRF_DEFAULT vrf_get_default_id()
extern void vrf_set_default_name(const char *default_name, bool force);
extern const char *vrf_get_default_name(void);
#define VRF_DEFAULT_NAME vrf_get_default_name()
/* VRF switch from NETNS */
extern int vrf_switch_to_netns(vrf_id_t vrf_id);
extern int vrf_switchback_to_initial(void);
* VRF backend routines
* should be called from zebra only
/* VRF vty command initialisation
extern void vrf_cmd_init(int (*writefunc)(struct vty *vty),
struct zebra_privs_t *daemon_priv);
/* VRF vty debugging
extern void vrf_install_commands(void);
* VRF utilities
/* API for configuring VRF backend
* should be called from zebra only
extern void vrf_configure_backend(int vrf_backend_netns);
extern int vrf_get_backend(void);
extern int vrf_is_backend_netns(void);
/* API to create a VRF. either from vty
* or through discovery
extern int vrf_handler_create(struct vty *vty, const char *name,
struct vrf **vrf);
/* API to associate a VRF with a NETNS.
* called either from vty or through discovery
* should be called from zebra only
extern int vrf_netns_handler_create(struct vty *vty, struct vrf *vrf,
char *pathname, ns_id_t ext_ns_id,
ns_id_t ns_id);
/* used internally to enable or disable VRF.
* Notify a change in the VRF ID of the VRF
extern void vrf_disable(struct vrf *vrf);
extern int vrf_enable(struct vrf *vrf);
extern void vrf_delete(struct vrf *vrf);
extern vrf_id_t vrf_generate_id(void);
#ifdef __cplusplus
#endif /*_ZEBRA_VRF_H*/
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