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* PIM for Quagga
* Copyright (C) 2008 Everton da Silva Marques
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
* the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
* (at your option) any later version.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but
* WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along
* with this program; see the file COPYING; if not, write to the Free Software
* Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin St, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA
#ifndef PIM_IFACE_H
#define PIM_IFACE_H
#include <zebra.h>
#include "if.h"
#include "vty.h"
#include "vrf.h"
#include "zclient.h"
#include "ferr.h"
#include "pim_igmp.h"
#include "pim_upstream.h"
#include "bfd.h"
#define PIM_IF_MASK_PIM (1 << 0)
#define PIM_IF_MASK_IGMP (1 << 1)
#define PIM_IF_IS_DELETED(ifp) ((ifp)->ifindex == IFINDEX_INTERNAL)
#define PIM_IF_TEST_PIM(options) (PIM_IF_MASK_PIM & (options))
#define PIM_IF_TEST_IGMP(options) (PIM_IF_MASK_IGMP & (options))
#define PIM_IF_DO_PIM(options) ((options) |= PIM_IF_MASK_PIM)
#define PIM_IF_DO_IGMP(options) ((options) |= PIM_IF_MASK_IGMP)
#define PIM_IF_DONT_PIM(options) ((options) &= ~PIM_IF_MASK_PIM)
#define PIM_IF_DONT_IGMP(options) ((options) &= ~PIM_IF_MASK_IGMP)
#define PIM_I_am_DR(pim_ifp) (pim_ifp)->pim_dr_addr.s_addr == (pim_ifp)->primary_address.s_addr
struct pim_iface_upstream_switch {
struct in_addr address;
struct list *us;
enum pim_secondary_addr_flags {
struct pim_secondary_addr {
struct prefix addr;
enum pim_secondary_addr_flags flags;
struct pim_interface {
uint32_t options; /* bit vector */
ifindex_t mroute_vif_index;
struct pim_instance *pim;
struct in_addr primary_address; /* remember addr to detect change */
struct list *sec_addr_list; /* list of struct pim_secondary_addr */
struct in_addr update_source; /* user can statically set the primary
* address of the interface */
int igmp_version; /* IGMP version */
int igmp_default_robustness_variable; /* IGMPv3 QRV */
int igmp_default_query_interval; /* IGMPv3 secs between general
queries */
int igmp_query_max_response_time_dsec; /* IGMPv3 Max Response Time in
dsecs for general queries */
int igmp_specific_query_max_response_time_dsec; /* IGMPv3 Max Response
Time in dsecs for
specific queries */
struct list *igmp_socket_list; /* list of struct igmp_sock */
struct list *igmp_join_list; /* list of struct igmp_join */
int pim_sock_fd; /* PIM socket file descriptor */
struct thread *t_pim_sock_read; /* thread for reading PIM socket */
int64_t pim_sock_creation; /* timestamp of PIM socket creation */
struct thread *t_pim_hello_timer;
int pim_hello_period;
int pim_default_holdtime;
int pim_triggered_hello_delay;
uint32_t pim_generation_id;
uint16_t pim_propagation_delay_msec; /* config */
uint16_t pim_override_interval_msec; /* config */
struct list *pim_neighbor_list; /* list of struct pim_neighbor */
struct list *upstream_switch_list;
struct pim_ifchannel_rb ifchannel_rb;
/* neighbors without lan_delay */
int pim_number_of_nonlandelay_neighbors;
uint16_t pim_neighbors_highest_propagation_delay_msec;
uint16_t pim_neighbors_highest_override_interval_msec;
/* DR Election */
int64_t pim_dr_election_last; /* timestamp */
int pim_dr_election_count;
int pim_dr_election_changes;
struct in_addr pim_dr_addr;
uint32_t pim_dr_priority; /* config */
int pim_dr_num_nondrpri_neighbors; /* neighbors without dr_pri */
/* boundary prefix-list */
char *boundary_oil_plist;
/* Turn on Active-Active for this interface */
bool activeactive;
int64_t pim_ifstat_start; /* start timestamp for stats */
uint32_t pim_ifstat_hello_sent;
uint32_t pim_ifstat_hello_sendfail;
uint32_t pim_ifstat_hello_recv;
uint32_t pim_ifstat_hello_recvfail;
uint32_t pim_ifstat_join_recv;
uint32_t pim_ifstat_join_send;
uint32_t pim_ifstat_prune_recv;
uint32_t pim_ifstat_prune_send;
uint32_t pim_ifstat_reg_recv;
uint32_t pim_ifstat_reg_send;
uint32_t pim_ifstat_reg_stop_recv;
uint32_t pim_ifstat_reg_stop_send;
uint32_t pim_ifstat_assert_recv;
uint32_t pim_ifstat_assert_send;
struct bfd_info *bfd_info;
if default_holdtime is set (>= 0), use it;
otherwise default_holdtime is 3.5 * hello_period
#define PIM_IF_DEFAULT_HOLDTIME(pim_ifp) \
(((pim_ifp)->pim_default_holdtime < 0) \
? ((pim_ifp)->pim_hello_period * 7 / 2) \
: ((pim_ifp)->pim_default_holdtime))
void pim_if_init(struct pim_instance *pim);
void pim_if_terminate(struct pim_instance *pim);
struct pim_interface *pim_if_new(struct interface *ifp, bool igmp, bool pim,
bool ispimreg);
void pim_if_delete(struct interface *ifp);
void pim_if_addr_add(struct connected *ifc);
void pim_if_addr_del(struct connected *ifc, int force_prim_as_any);
void pim_if_addr_add_all(struct interface *ifp);
void pim_if_addr_del_all(struct interface *ifp);
void pim_if_addr_del_all_igmp(struct interface *ifp);
void pim_if_addr_del_all_pim(struct interface *ifp);
int pim_if_add_vif(struct interface *ifp, bool ispimreg);
int pim_if_del_vif(struct interface *ifp);
void pim_if_add_vif_all(struct pim_instance *pim);
void pim_if_del_vif_all(struct pim_instance *pim);
struct interface *pim_if_find_by_vif_index(struct pim_instance *pim,
ifindex_t vif_index);
int pim_if_find_vifindex_by_ifindex(struct pim_instance *pim,
ifindex_t ifindex);
int pim_if_lan_delay_enabled(struct interface *ifp);
uint16_t pim_if_effective_propagation_delay_msec(struct interface *ifp);
uint16_t pim_if_effective_override_interval_msec(struct interface *ifp);
uint16_t pim_if_jp_override_interval_msec(struct interface *ifp);
struct pim_neighbor *pim_if_find_neighbor(struct interface *ifp,
struct in_addr addr);
long pim_if_t_suppressed_msec(struct interface *ifp);
int pim_if_t_override_msec(struct interface *ifp);
struct in_addr pim_find_primary_addr(struct interface *ifp);
ferr_r pim_if_igmp_join_add(struct interface *ifp, struct in_addr group_addr,
struct in_addr source_addr);
int pim_if_igmp_join_del(struct interface *ifp, struct in_addr group_addr,
struct in_addr source_addr);
void pim_if_update_could_assert(struct interface *ifp);
void pim_if_assert_on_neighbor_down(struct interface *ifp,
struct in_addr neigh_addr);
void pim_if_rpf_interface_changed(struct interface *old_rpf_ifp,
struct pim_upstream *up);
void pim_if_update_join_desired(struct pim_interface *pim_ifp);
void pim_if_update_assert_tracking_desired(struct interface *ifp);
void pim_if_create_pimreg(struct pim_instance *pim);
int pim_if_connected_to_source(struct interface *ifp, struct in_addr src);
int pim_update_source_set(struct interface *ifp, struct in_addr source);
bool pim_if_is_vrf_device(struct interface *ifp);
int pim_if_ifchannel_count(struct pim_interface *pim_ifp);
#endif /* PIM_IFACE_H */
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