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Signed-off-by: Martin Winter <>
4 contributors

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Using the FRRouting Snap

After installing the Snap, the priviledged plug need to be connected:

snap connect frr:network-control core:network-control

Enabling/Disabling FRRouting Daemons

By default (at this time), all FRRouting daemons will be enabled on installation. If you want to disable a specific daemon, then use the systemctl commands

ie for ospf6d (OSPFv3):

systemctl disable snap.frr.ospf6d.service
systemctl enable snap.frr.ospf6d.service

The daemons are: ripd, ripngd, ospfd, ospf6d, isisd, bgpd, pimd, ldpd, eigrpd, babeld, nhrpd, bfdd, vrrpd, pbrd, pathd, fabricd, staticd, zebra

Commands defined by this snap

  • frr.vtysh: FRRouting VTY Shell (configuration tool)
  • frr.version: Returns output of zebra --version to display version and configured options
  • frr.readme: Returns this document cat
  • frr.set: Allows to enable FPM and/or disable RPKIi module. See Module section below

and for debugging defined at this time (May get removed later - do not depend on them). These are mainly intended to debug the Snap

  • frr.zebra-debug: Starts zebra daemon in foreground
  • frr.ripd-debug: Starts ripd daemon in foreground
  • frr.ripngd-debug: Starts ripng daemon in foreground
  • frr.ospfd-debug: Starts ospfd daemon in foreground
  • frr.ospf6d-debug: Starts ospf6d daemon in foreground
  • frr.isisd-debug: Starts isisd daemon in foreground
  • frr.bgpd-debug: Starts bgpd daemon in foreground
  • frr.pimd-debug: Starts pimd daemon in foreground
  • frr.ldpd-debug: Starts ldpd daemon in foreground
  • frr.nhrpd-debug: Starts nhrpd daemon in foreground
  • frr.babeld-debug: Starts babeld daemon in foreground
  • frr.eigrpd-debug: Starts eigrpd daemon in foreground
  • frr.pbrd-debug: Starts pbrd daemon in foreground
  • frr.staticd-debug: Starts staticd daemon in foreground
  • frr.bfdd-debug: Starts bfdd daemon in foreground
  • frr.fabricd-debug: Starts fabricd daemon in foreground


The MPLS forwarding requires a Linux Kernel version 4.5 or newer and specific MPLS kernel modules loaded. It will be auto-detected by FRR. You can check the detected setup with the show mpls status command from within frr.vtysh

The following kernel modules mpls-router and mpls-iptunnel need to be loaded. On Ubuntu 16.04, this can be done by editing '/etc/modules-load.d/modules.conf' and add the following lines:

# Load MPLS Kernel Modules

For other distributions, please check the documentation on loading modules. You need to either reboot or use modprobe to manually load the modules as well before MPLS will be available.

In addition to this, the MPLS Label-Processing needs to be enabled with sysctl on the required interfaces. Assuming the interfaces are named eth0, eth1 and eth2, then the additional lines in /etc/sysctl.conf will enable it on a Ubuntu 16.04 system:

# Enable MPLS Label processing on all interfaces

These settings require either a reboot or a manual configuration with sysctl as well.


The frr.set allows to turn FPM module ond the RPKI module on or off.

frr.set fpm {disable|protobuf|netlink}

Disables FPM or enables FPM with selected mode (default: disabled)

By default, the FPM module is disabled, but installed with netlink and protobuf support. To enable the FPM module, use the frr.set fpm protobuf or frr.set fpm netlink command. The command will only enable the mode for the next restart of zebra. Please reboot or restart zebra after changing the mode to become effective.

frr.set rpki {enable|disable}

Disables or enables BGP RPKI (default: enabled)

By default, the RPKI module is enabled. To disable the RPKI module use the frr.set rpki disable command. The command will only enable the module after the next restart of the bgp daemon. Please reboot or restart bgpd after changing the mode to become effective. (Normally, there is no need to disable the module as it has no effect if there are no RPKI configurations in BGP)


  • frr.vtysh displays --MORE-- on long output. How to suppress this?

    • Define VTYSH_PAGER to cat (default is more). (Ie add export VTYSH_PAGER=cat to the end of your .profile)
  • bfdd / ospfd / ospf6d / nhrpd are not running after installation

    • Installing a new snap starts the daemons, but at this time they may not have the required privileged access. Make sure you issue the snap connect command as given above (can be verified with snap interfaces) and THEN restart the daemons (or reboot the system). This is a limitation of any snap package at this time which requires privileged interfaces (ie to manipulate routing tables)
  • Can I run vtysh directly without the "frr." prefix?

    • Yes, enable the vtysh alias in the frr snap package by: sudo snap alias frr vtysh

Sourcecode available

The source for this SNAP is available as part of the FRRouting Source Code Distribution under GPLv2 or later

Instructions for rebuilding the snap are in snapcraft/

Please checkout the desired branch before following the instructions as they may have changed between versions of FRR

Official Webpage for FRR

Official webpage for FRR is at

Feedback welcome

Please send Feedback about this snap to Martin Winter at