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* Routing Information Base header
* Copyright (C) 1997 Kunihiro Ishiguro
* This file is part of GNU Zebra.
* GNU Zebra is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
* under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the
* Free Software Foundation; either version 2, or (at your option) any
* later version.
* GNU Zebra is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but
* WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along
* with this program; see the file COPYING; if not, write to the Free Software
* Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin St, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA
#ifndef _ZEBRA_RIB_H
#define _ZEBRA_RIB_H
#include "zebra.h"
#include "hook.h"
#include "linklist.h"
#include "prefix.h"
#include "table.h"
#include "queue.h"
#include "nexthop.h"
#include "nexthop_group.h"
#include "vrf.h"
#include "if.h"
#include "mpls.h"
#include "srcdest_table.h"
#define ZEBRA_KERNEL_TABLE_MAX 252 /* support for no more than this rt tables */
struct route_entry {
/* Link list. */
struct route_entry *next;
struct route_entry *prev;
/* Nexthop structure */
struct nexthop_group ng;
/* Tag */
route_tag_t tag;
/* Uptime. */
time_t uptime;
/* Type fo this route. */
int type;
/* Source protocol instance */
unsigned short instance;
/* VRF identifier. */
vrf_id_t vrf_id;
/* Which routing table */
uint32_t table;
/* Metric */
uint32_t metric;
/* MTU */
uint32_t mtu;
uint32_t nexthop_mtu;
/* Distance. */
uint8_t distance;
/* Flags of this route.
* This flag's definition is in lib/zebra.h ZEBRA_FLAG_* and is exposed
* to clients via Zserv
uint32_t flags;
/* RIB internal status */
uint32_t status;
/* to simplify NHT logic when NHs change, instead of doing a NH by NH cmp */
/* The Route Entry has changed */
/* The Label has changed on the Route entry */
/* Route is queued for Installation into the Data Plane */
/* Route is installed into the Data Plane */
/* Route has Failed installation into the Data Plane in some manner */
/* Nexthop information. */
uint8_t nexthop_num;
uint8_t nexthop_active_num;
/* Sequence value incremented for each dataplane operation */
uint32_t dplane_sequence;
/* meta-queue structure:
* sub-queue 0: connected, kernel
* sub-queue 1: static
* sub-queue 2: RIP, RIPng, OSPF, OSPF6, IS-IS, EIGRP, NHRP
* sub-queue 3: iBGP, eBGP
* sub-queue 4: any other origin (if any)
#define MQ_SIZE 5
struct meta_queue {
struct list *subq[MQ_SIZE];
uint32_t size; /* sum of lengths of all subqueues */
* Structure that represents a single destination (prefix).
typedef struct rib_dest_t_ {
* Back pointer to the route node for this destination. This helps
* us get to the prefix that this structure is for.
struct route_node *rnode;
* Doubly-linked list of routes for this prefix.
struct route_entry *routes;
struct route_entry *selected_fib;
* Flags, see below.
uint32_t flags;
* Linkage to put dest on the FPM processing queue.
TAILQ_ENTRY(rib_dest_t_) fpm_q_entries;
} rib_dest_t;
#define RIB_ROUTE_QUEUED(x) (1 << (x))
// If MQ_SIZE is modified this value needs to be updated.
* The maximum qindex that can be used.
* This flag indicates that a given prefix has been 'advertised' to
* the FPM to be installed in the forwarding plane.
* This flag is set when we need to send an update to the FPM about a
* dest.
* Macro to iterate over each route for a destination (prefix).
#define RE_DEST_FOREACH_ROUTE(dest, re) \
for ((re) = (dest) ? (dest)->routes : NULL; (re); (re) = (re)->next)
* Same as above, but allows the current node to be unlinked.
#define RE_DEST_FOREACH_ROUTE_SAFE(dest, re, next) \
for ((re) = (dest) ? (dest)->routes : NULL; \
(re) && ((next) = (re)->next, 1); (re) = (next))
#define RNODE_FOREACH_RE(rn, re) \
RE_DEST_FOREACH_ROUTE (rib_dest_from_rnode(rn), re)
#define RNODE_FOREACH_RE_SAFE(rn, re, next) \
RE_DEST_FOREACH_ROUTE_SAFE (rib_dest_from_rnode(rn), re, next)
#if defined(HAVE_RTADV)
/* Structure which hold status of router advertisement. */
struct rtadv {
int sock;
int adv_if_count;
int adv_msec_if_count;
struct thread *ra_read;
struct thread *ra_timer;
#endif /* HAVE_RTADV */
* rib_table_info_t
* Structure that is hung off of a route_table that holds information about
* the table.
typedef struct rib_table_info_t_ {
* Back pointer to zebra_vrf.
struct zebra_vrf *zvrf;
afi_t afi;
safi_t safi;
} rib_table_info_t;
typedef enum {
} rib_tables_iter_state_t;
* Structure that holds state for iterating over all tables in the
* Routing Information Base.
typedef struct rib_tables_iter_t_ {
vrf_id_t vrf_id;
int afi_safi_ix;
rib_tables_iter_state_t state;
} rib_tables_iter_t;
/* Events/reasons triggering a RIB update. */
typedef enum {
} rib_update_event_t;
extern struct nexthop *route_entry_nexthop_ifindex_add(struct route_entry *re,
ifindex_t ifindex,
vrf_id_t nh_vrf_id);
extern struct nexthop *
route_entry_nexthop_blackhole_add(struct route_entry *re,
enum blackhole_type bh_type);
extern struct nexthop *route_entry_nexthop_ipv4_add(struct route_entry *re,
struct in_addr *ipv4,
struct in_addr *src,
vrf_id_t nh_vrf_id);
extern struct nexthop *
route_entry_nexthop_ipv4_ifindex_add(struct route_entry *re,
struct in_addr *ipv4, struct in_addr *src,
ifindex_t ifindex, vrf_id_t nh_vrf_id);
extern void route_entry_nexthop_delete(struct route_entry *re,
struct nexthop *nexthop);
extern struct nexthop *route_entry_nexthop_ipv6_add(struct route_entry *re,
struct in6_addr *ipv6,
vrf_id_t nh_vrf_id);
extern struct nexthop *
route_entry_nexthop_ipv6_ifindex_add(struct route_entry *re,
struct in6_addr *ipv6, ifindex_t ifindex,
vrf_id_t nh_vrf_id);
extern void route_entry_nexthop_add(struct route_entry *re,
struct nexthop *nexthop);
extern void route_entry_copy_nexthops(struct route_entry *re,
struct nexthop *nh);
#define route_entry_dump(prefix, src, re) _route_entry_dump(__func__, prefix, src, re)
extern void _route_entry_dump(const char *func, union prefixconstptr pp,
union prefixconstptr src_pp,
const struct route_entry *re);
/* RPF lookup behaviour */
enum multicast_mode {
MCAST_NO_CONFIG = 0, /* MIX_MRIB_FIRST, but no show in config write */
MCAST_MIX_MRIB_FIRST, /* MRIB, if nothing at all then URIB */
MCAST_MIX_DISTANCE, /* MRIB & URIB, lower distance wins */
MCAST_MIX_PFXLEN, /* MRIB & URIB, longer prefix wins */
/* on equal value, MRIB wins for last 2 */
extern void multicast_mode_ipv4_set(enum multicast_mode mode);
extern enum multicast_mode multicast_mode_ipv4_get(void);
extern void rib_lookup_and_dump(struct prefix_ipv4 *p, vrf_id_t vrf_id);
extern void rib_lookup_and_pushup(struct prefix_ipv4 *p, vrf_id_t vrf_id);
extern int is_zebra_valid_kernel_table(uint32_t table_id);
extern int is_zebra_main_routing_table(uint32_t table_id);
extern int zebra_check_addr(const struct prefix *p);
extern void rib_delnode(struct route_node *rn, struct route_entry *re);
extern void rib_install_kernel(struct route_node *rn, struct route_entry *re,
struct route_entry *old);
extern void rib_uninstall_kernel(struct route_node *rn, struct route_entry *re);
/* NOTE:
* All rib_add function will not just add prefix into RIB, but
* also implicitly withdraw equal prefix of same type. */
extern int rib_add(afi_t afi, safi_t safi, vrf_id_t vrf_id, int type,
unsigned short instance, int flags, struct prefix *p,
struct prefix_ipv6 *src_p, const struct nexthop *nh,
uint32_t table_id, uint32_t metric, uint32_t mtu,
uint8_t distance, route_tag_t tag);
extern int rib_add_multipath(afi_t afi, safi_t safi, struct prefix *p,
struct prefix_ipv6 *src_p, struct route_entry *re);
extern void rib_delete(afi_t afi, safi_t safi, vrf_id_t vrf_id, int type,
unsigned short instance, int flags, struct prefix *p,
struct prefix_ipv6 *src_p, const struct nexthop *nh,
uint32_t table_id, uint32_t metric, uint8_t distance,
bool fromkernel);
extern struct route_entry *rib_match(afi_t afi, safi_t safi, vrf_id_t vrf_id,
union g_addr *addr,
struct route_node **rn_out);
extern struct route_entry *rib_match_ipv4_multicast(vrf_id_t vrf_id,
struct in_addr addr,
struct route_node **rn_out);
extern struct route_entry *rib_lookup_ipv4(struct prefix_ipv4 *p,
vrf_id_t vrf_id);
extern void rib_update(vrf_id_t vrf_id, rib_update_event_t event);
extern void rib_update_table(struct route_table *table,
rib_update_event_t event);
extern void rib_sweep_route(void);
extern void rib_sweep_table(struct route_table *table);
extern void rib_close_table(struct route_table *table);
extern void rib_init(void);
extern unsigned long rib_score_proto(uint8_t proto, unsigned short instance);
extern unsigned long rib_score_proto_table(uint8_t proto,
unsigned short instance,
struct route_table *table);
extern void rib_queue_add(struct route_node *rn);
extern void meta_queue_free(struct meta_queue *mq);
extern int zebra_rib_labeled_unicast(struct route_entry *re);
extern struct route_table *rib_table_ipv6;
extern void rib_unlink(struct route_node *rn, struct route_entry *re);
extern int rib_gc_dest(struct route_node *rn);
extern struct route_table *rib_tables_iter_next(rib_tables_iter_t *iter);
extern uint8_t route_distance(int type);
* Inline functions.
* rib_table_info
static inline rib_table_info_t *rib_table_info(struct route_table *table)
return (rib_table_info_t *)route_table_get_info(table);
* rib_dest_from_rnode
static inline rib_dest_t *rib_dest_from_rnode(struct route_node *rn)
return (rib_dest_t *)rn->info;
* rnode_to_ribs
* Returns a pointer to the list of routes corresponding to the given
* route_node.
static inline struct route_entry *rnode_to_ribs(struct route_node *rn)
rib_dest_t *dest;
dest = rib_dest_from_rnode(rn);
if (!dest)
return NULL;
return dest->routes;
* rib_dest_prefix
static inline struct prefix *rib_dest_prefix(rib_dest_t *dest)
return &dest->rnode->p;
* rib_dest_af
* Returns the address family that the destination is for.
static inline uint8_t rib_dest_af(rib_dest_t *dest)
return dest->rnode->;
* rib_dest_table
static inline struct route_table *rib_dest_table(rib_dest_t *dest)
return srcdest_rnode_table(dest->rnode);
* rib_dest_vrf
static inline struct zebra_vrf *rib_dest_vrf(rib_dest_t *dest)
return rib_table_info(rib_dest_table(dest))->zvrf;
* rib_tables_iter_init
static inline void rib_tables_iter_init(rib_tables_iter_t *iter)
memset(iter, 0, sizeof(*iter));
iter->state = RIB_TABLES_ITER_S_INIT;
* rib_tables_iter_started
* Returns TRUE if this iterator has started iterating over the set of
* tables.
static inline int rib_tables_iter_started(rib_tables_iter_t *iter)
return iter->state != RIB_TABLES_ITER_S_INIT;
* rib_tables_iter_cleanup
static inline void rib_tables_iter_cleanup(rib_tables_iter_t *iter)
iter->state = RIB_TABLES_ITER_S_DONE;
DECLARE_HOOK(rib_update, (struct route_node * rn, const char *reason),
(rn, reason))
extern void zebra_vty_init(void);
extern pid_t pid;
extern bool v6_rr_semantics;
#endif /*_ZEBRA_RIB_H */
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