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* Zebra dataplane layer api interfaces.
* Copyright (c) 2018 Volta Networks, Inc.
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
* the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
* (at your option) any later version.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but
* WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along
* with this program; see the file COPYING; if not, write to the Free Software
* Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin St, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA
#define _ZEBRA_DPLANE_H 1
#include "lib/zebra.h"
#include "lib/prefix.h"
#include "lib/nexthop.h"
#include "lib/nexthop_group.h"
#include "lib/queue.h"
#include "zebra/zebra_ns.h"
#include "zebra/rib.h"
#include "zebra/zserv.h"
#include "zebra/zebra_mpls.h"
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
/* Key netlink info from zebra ns */
struct zebra_dplane_info {
ns_id_t ns_id;
#if defined(HAVE_NETLINK)
struct nlsock nls;
bool is_cmd;
/* Utility to fill in zns info from main zns struct */
static inline void
zebra_dplane_info_from_zns(struct zebra_dplane_info *zns_info,
const struct zebra_ns *zns, bool is_cmd)
zns_info->ns_id = zns->ns_id;
#if defined(HAVE_NETLINK)
zns_info->is_cmd = is_cmd;
if (is_cmd) {
zns_info->nls = zns->netlink_cmd;
} else {
zns_info->nls = zns->netlink;
#endif /* NETLINK */
* Result codes used when returning status back to the main zebra context.
* Philosophy Note:
* Flags being SET/UNSET do not belong in the South Bound
* Interface. This Setting belongs at the calling level
* because we can and will have multiple different interfaces
* and we will have potentially multiple different
* modules/filters to call. As such Setting/Unsetting
* success failure should be handled by the caller.
enum zebra_dplane_status {
enum zebra_dplane_result {
* API between the zebra dataplane system and the main zebra processing
* context.
* Enqueue a route install or update for the dataplane.
enum dplane_op_e {
/* Route update */
/* LSP update */
/* Pseudowire update */
/* System route notification */
/* Interface address update */
/* Enable system route notifications */
void dplane_enable_sys_route_notifs(void);
* The dataplane context struct is used to exchange info between the main zebra
* context and the dataplane module(s). If these are two independent pthreads,
* they cannot share existing global data structures safely.
/* Define a tailq list type for context blocks. The list is exposed/public,
* but the internal linkage in the context struct is private, so there
* are accessor apis that support enqueue and dequeue.
TAILQ_HEAD(dplane_ctx_q, zebra_dplane_ctx);
/* Return a dataplane results context block after use; the caller's pointer will
* be cleared.
void dplane_ctx_fini(struct zebra_dplane_ctx **pctx);
/* Enqueue a context block to caller's tailq. This exists so that the
* context struct can remain opaque.
void dplane_ctx_enqueue_tail(struct dplane_ctx_q *q,
const struct zebra_dplane_ctx *ctx);
/* Append a list of context blocks to another list - again, just keeping
* the context struct opaque.
void dplane_ctx_list_append(struct dplane_ctx_q *to_list,
struct dplane_ctx_q *from_list);
/* Dequeue a context block from the head of caller's tailq */
struct zebra_dplane_ctx *dplane_ctx_dequeue(struct dplane_ctx_q *q);
* Accessors for information from the context object
enum zebra_dplane_result dplane_ctx_get_status(
const struct zebra_dplane_ctx *ctx);
void dplane_ctx_set_status(struct zebra_dplane_ctx *ctx,
enum zebra_dplane_result status);
const char *dplane_res2str(enum zebra_dplane_result res);
enum dplane_op_e dplane_ctx_get_op(const struct zebra_dplane_ctx *ctx);
const char *dplane_op2str(enum dplane_op_e op);
const struct prefix *dplane_ctx_get_dest(const struct zebra_dplane_ctx *ctx);
/* Retrieve last/current provider id */
uint32_t dplane_ctx_get_provider(const struct zebra_dplane_ctx *ctx);
/* Providers running before the kernel can control whether a kernel
* update should be done.
void dplane_ctx_set_skip_kernel(struct zebra_dplane_ctx *ctx);
bool dplane_ctx_is_skip_kernel(const struct zebra_dplane_ctx *ctx);
/* Source prefix is a little special - use convention to return NULL
* to mean "no src prefix"
const struct prefix *dplane_ctx_get_src(const struct zebra_dplane_ctx *ctx);
bool dplane_ctx_is_update(const struct zebra_dplane_ctx *ctx);
uint32_t dplane_ctx_get_seq(const struct zebra_dplane_ctx *ctx);
uint32_t dplane_ctx_get_old_seq(const struct zebra_dplane_ctx *ctx);
vrf_id_t dplane_ctx_get_vrf(const struct zebra_dplane_ctx *ctx);
/* Accessors for route update information */
int dplane_ctx_get_type(const struct zebra_dplane_ctx *ctx);
int dplane_ctx_get_old_type(const struct zebra_dplane_ctx *ctx);
afi_t dplane_ctx_get_afi(const struct zebra_dplane_ctx *ctx);
safi_t dplane_ctx_get_safi(const struct zebra_dplane_ctx *ctx);
uint32_t dplane_ctx_get_table(const struct zebra_dplane_ctx *ctx);
route_tag_t dplane_ctx_get_tag(const struct zebra_dplane_ctx *ctx);
route_tag_t dplane_ctx_get_old_tag(const struct zebra_dplane_ctx *ctx);
uint16_t dplane_ctx_get_instance(const struct zebra_dplane_ctx *ctx);
uint16_t dplane_ctx_get_old_instance(const struct zebra_dplane_ctx *ctx);
uint32_t dplane_ctx_get_metric(const struct zebra_dplane_ctx *ctx);
uint32_t dplane_ctx_get_old_metric(const struct zebra_dplane_ctx *ctx);
uint32_t dplane_ctx_get_mtu(const struct zebra_dplane_ctx *ctx);
uint32_t dplane_ctx_get_nh_mtu(const struct zebra_dplane_ctx *ctx);
uint8_t dplane_ctx_get_distance(const struct zebra_dplane_ctx *ctx);
uint8_t dplane_ctx_get_old_distance(const struct zebra_dplane_ctx *ctx);
const struct nexthop_group *dplane_ctx_get_ng(
const struct zebra_dplane_ctx *ctx);
const struct nexthop_group *dplane_ctx_get_old_ng(
const struct zebra_dplane_ctx *ctx);
/* Accessors for LSP information */
mpls_label_t dplane_ctx_get_in_label(const struct zebra_dplane_ctx *ctx);
uint8_t dplane_ctx_get_addr_family(const struct zebra_dplane_ctx *ctx);
uint32_t dplane_ctx_get_lsp_flags(const struct zebra_dplane_ctx *ctx);
const zebra_nhlfe_t *dplane_ctx_get_nhlfe(const struct zebra_dplane_ctx *ctx);
const zebra_nhlfe_t *dplane_ctx_get_best_nhlfe(
const struct zebra_dplane_ctx *ctx);
uint32_t dplane_ctx_get_lsp_num_ecmp(const struct zebra_dplane_ctx *ctx);
/* Accessors for pseudowire information */
const char *dplane_ctx_get_pw_ifname(const struct zebra_dplane_ctx *ctx);
mpls_label_t dplane_ctx_get_pw_local_label(const struct zebra_dplane_ctx *ctx);
mpls_label_t dplane_ctx_get_pw_remote_label(const struct zebra_dplane_ctx *ctx);
int dplane_ctx_get_pw_type(const struct zebra_dplane_ctx *ctx);
int dplane_ctx_get_pw_af(const struct zebra_dplane_ctx *ctx);
uint32_t dplane_ctx_get_pw_flags(const struct zebra_dplane_ctx *ctx);
int dplane_ctx_get_pw_status(const struct zebra_dplane_ctx *ctx);
const union g_addr *dplane_ctx_get_pw_dest(
const struct zebra_dplane_ctx *ctx);
const union pw_protocol_fields *dplane_ctx_get_pw_proto(
const struct zebra_dplane_ctx *ctx);
const struct nexthop_group *dplane_ctx_get_pw_nhg(
const struct zebra_dplane_ctx *ctx);
/* Accessors for interface information */
const char *dplane_ctx_get_ifname(const struct zebra_dplane_ctx *ctx);
ifindex_t dplane_ctx_get_ifindex(const struct zebra_dplane_ctx *ctx);
uint32_t dplane_ctx_get_intf_metric(const struct zebra_dplane_ctx *ctx);
/* Is interface addr p2p? */
bool dplane_ctx_intf_is_connected(const struct zebra_dplane_ctx *ctx);
bool dplane_ctx_intf_is_secondary(const struct zebra_dplane_ctx *ctx);
bool dplane_ctx_intf_is_broadcast(const struct zebra_dplane_ctx *ctx);
const struct prefix *dplane_ctx_get_intf_addr(
const struct zebra_dplane_ctx *ctx);
bool dplane_ctx_intf_has_dest(const struct zebra_dplane_ctx *ctx);
const struct prefix *dplane_ctx_get_intf_dest(
const struct zebra_dplane_ctx *ctx);
bool dplane_ctx_intf_has_label(const struct zebra_dplane_ctx *ctx);
const char *dplane_ctx_get_intf_label(const struct zebra_dplane_ctx *ctx);
/* Namespace info - esp. for netlink communication */
const struct zebra_dplane_info *dplane_ctx_get_ns(
const struct zebra_dplane_ctx *ctx);
/* Indicates zebra shutdown/exit is in progress. Some operations may be
* simplified or skipped during shutdown processing.
bool dplane_is_in_shutdown(void);
* Enqueue route change operations for the dataplane.
enum zebra_dplane_result dplane_route_add(struct route_node *rn,
struct route_entry *re);
enum zebra_dplane_result dplane_route_update(struct route_node *rn,
struct route_entry *re,
struct route_entry *old_re);
enum zebra_dplane_result dplane_route_delete(struct route_node *rn,
struct route_entry *re);
/* Notify the dplane when system/connected routes change */
enum zebra_dplane_result dplane_sys_route_add(struct route_node *rn,
struct route_entry *re);
enum zebra_dplane_result dplane_sys_route_del(struct route_node *rn,
struct route_entry *re);
* Enqueue LSP change operations for the dataplane.
enum zebra_dplane_result dplane_lsp_add(zebra_lsp_t *lsp);
enum zebra_dplane_result dplane_lsp_update(zebra_lsp_t *lsp);
enum zebra_dplane_result dplane_lsp_delete(zebra_lsp_t *lsp);
* Enqueue pseudowire operations for the dataplane.
enum zebra_dplane_result dplane_pw_install(struct zebra_pw *pw);
enum zebra_dplane_result dplane_pw_uninstall(struct zebra_pw *pw);
* Enqueue interface address changes for the dataplane.
enum zebra_dplane_result dplane_intf_addr_set(const struct interface *ifp,
const struct connected *ifc);
enum zebra_dplane_result dplane_intf_addr_unset(const struct interface *ifp,
const struct connected *ifc);
/* Retrieve the limit on the number of pending, unprocessed updates. */
uint32_t dplane_get_in_queue_limit(void);
/* Configure limit on the number of pending, queued updates. If 'unset', reset
* to default value.
void dplane_set_in_queue_limit(uint32_t limit, bool set);
/* Retrieve the current queue depth of incoming, unprocessed updates */
uint32_t dplane_get_in_queue_len(void);
* Vty/cli apis
int dplane_show_helper(struct vty *vty, bool detailed);
int dplane_show_provs_helper(struct vty *vty, bool detailed);
* Dataplane providers: modules that process or consume dataplane events.
struct zebra_dplane_provider;
/* Support string name for a dataplane provider */
/* Priority or ordering values for providers. The idea is that there may be
* some pre-processing, followed by an external or remote dataplane,
* followed by the kernel, followed by some post-processing step (such as
* the fpm output stream.)
enum dplane_provider_prio {
/* Flags values used during provider registration. */
/* Provider will be spawning its own worker thread */
/* Provider registration: ordering or priority value, callbacks, and optional
* opaque data value. If 'prov_p', return the newly-allocated provider object
* on success.
/* Providers offer an entry-point for incoming work, called in the context of
* the dataplane pthread. The dataplane pthread enqueues any new work to the
* provider's 'inbound' queue, then calls the callback. The dataplane
* then checks the provider's outbound queue for completed work.
/* Providers offer an entry-point for shutdown and cleanup. This is called
* with 'early' during shutdown, to indicate that the dataplane subsystem
* is allowing work to move through the providers and finish.
* When called without 'early', the provider should release
* all resources (if it has any allocated).
int dplane_provider_register(const char *name,
enum dplane_provider_prio prio,
int flags,
int (*fp)(struct zebra_dplane_provider *),
int (*fini_fp)(struct zebra_dplane_provider *,
bool early),
void *data,
struct zebra_dplane_provider **prov_p);
/* Accessors for provider attributes */
const char *dplane_provider_get_name(const struct zebra_dplane_provider *prov);
uint32_t dplane_provider_get_id(const struct zebra_dplane_provider *prov);
void *dplane_provider_get_data(const struct zebra_dplane_provider *prov);
bool dplane_provider_is_threaded(const struct zebra_dplane_provider *prov);
/* Lock/unlock a provider's mutex - iff the provider was registered with
* the THREADED flag.
void dplane_provider_lock(struct zebra_dplane_provider *prov);
void dplane_provider_unlock(struct zebra_dplane_provider *prov);
/* Obtain thread_master for dataplane thread */
struct thread_master *dplane_get_thread_master(void);
/* Providers should (generally) limit number of updates per work cycle */
int dplane_provider_get_work_limit(const struct zebra_dplane_provider *prov);
/* Provider api to signal that work/events are available
* for the dataplane pthread.
int dplane_provider_work_ready(void);
/* Dequeue, maintain associated counter and locking */
struct zebra_dplane_ctx *dplane_provider_dequeue_in_ctx(
struct zebra_dplane_provider *prov);
/* Dequeue work to a list, maintain counter and locking, return count */
int dplane_provider_dequeue_in_list(struct zebra_dplane_provider *prov,
struct dplane_ctx_q *listp);
/* Enqueue, maintain associated counter and locking */
void dplane_provider_enqueue_out_ctx(struct zebra_dplane_provider *prov,
struct zebra_dplane_ctx *ctx);
* Initialize the dataplane modules at zebra startup. This is currently called
* by the rib module. Zebra registers a results callback with the dataplane.
* The callback is called in the dataplane pthread context,
* so the expectation is that the contexts are queued for the zebra
* main pthread.
void zebra_dplane_init(int (*) (struct dplane_ctx_q *));
* Start the dataplane pthread. This step needs to be run later than the
* 'init' step, in case zebra has fork-ed.
void zebra_dplane_start(void);
/* Finalize/cleanup apis, one called early as shutdown is starting,
* one called late at the end of zebra shutdown, and then one called
* from the zebra main pthread to stop the dplane pthread and
* free all resources.
* Zebra expects to try to clean up all vrfs and all routes during
* shutdown, so the dplane must be available until very late.
void zebra_dplane_pre_finish(void);
void zebra_dplane_finish(void);
void zebra_dplane_shutdown(void);
#ifdef __cplusplus
#endif /* _ZEBRA_DPLANE_H */
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