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Merge pull request #3304 from opensourcerouting/bugfix/openfabric-flo…


fabricd: never flood back through the incoming interface
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donaldsharp committed Nov 12, 2018
2 parents 6ac0559 + 37212c4 commit 059cce897ad01b84678ea195ca9285aedaab2b80
Showing with 5 additions and 5 deletions.
  1. +5 −5 isisd/isis_lsp.c
@@ -1987,13 +1987,13 @@ void lsp_set_all_srmflags(struct isis_lsp *lsp, bool set)

void lsp_flood(struct isis_lsp *lsp, struct isis_circuit *circuit) void lsp_flood(struct isis_lsp *lsp, struct isis_circuit *circuit)
{ {
if (!fabricd) { if (!fabricd)
lsp_set_all_srmflags(lsp, true); lsp_set_all_srmflags(lsp, true);
if (circuit) else
isis_tx_queue_del(circuit->tx_queue, lsp);
} else {
fabricd_lsp_flood(lsp); fabricd_lsp_flood(lsp);
if (circuit)
isis_tx_queue_del(circuit->tx_queue, lsp);
} }

static int lsp_handle_adj_state_change(struct isis_adjacency *adj) static int lsp_handle_adj_state_change(struct isis_adjacency *adj)

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