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doc: update libyang build instructions

The --with-yangmodelsdir and --with-libyang-pluginsdir build-time options
pertain to FRR so they shouldn't be placed along with the libyang build
instructions. Move these instructions to where they belong to avoid

Signed-off-by: Renato Westphal <>
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rwestphal committed Nov 3, 2018
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@@ -40,23 +40,3 @@ When building libyang on CentOS 6, it's also necessary to pass the
Note: please check the `libyang build requirements

Libyang uses loadable libraries an YANG modules. It supports
environment variables to allow overriding the load paths for each of
these. With FRR, this override currently must be done at the time of
running FRR's configure command using new options. The new options are:

.. code-block:: shell
yang models directory (${datarootdir}/yang)
yangmodule plugins directory
an example which uses the compile directory is:

.. code-block:: shell
./configure --with-libyang-pluginsdir="`pwd`/yang/libyang_plugins/.libs" \
@@ -255,6 +255,24 @@ options to the configuration script.
Configure zebra to use `dir` for local state files, such as pid files and
unix sockets.

.. option:: --with-yangmodelsdir <dir>

Look for YANG modules in `dir` [`prefix`/share/yang]. Note that the FRR
YANG modules will be installed here.

.. option:: --with-libyang-pluginsdir <dir>

Look for libyang plugins in `dir` [`prefix`/lib/frr/libyang_plugins].
Note that the FRR libyang plugins will be installed here.

When it's desired to run FRR without installing it in the system, it's possible
to configure it as follows to look for YANG modules and libyang plugins in the
compile directory:
.. code-block:: shell
./configure --with-libyang-pluginsdir="`pwd`/yang/libyang_plugins/.libs" \
.. _least-privilege-support:

Least-Privilege Support

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