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FRR 5.0 release

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@mwinter-osr mwinter-osr released this 11 Jun 17:59
· 19650 commits to master since this release

Main Changelog for 5.0: See Github Wiki Pages

Changes over version 4.x:

  • PIM: Add a Multicast Trace Command draft-ietf-idmr-traceroute-ipm-05
  • IS-IS: Implement Three-Way Handshake as per RFC5303
  • BGP: Implement VPN-VRF route leaking per RFC4364. Please see the BGP VRFs section in the BGP section of the online manual.
  • BGP : Implement VRF with NETNS backend
  • PBR: Add a new Policy Based Routing Daemon. Allow users to create and specify policy maps for controlling routing.

Attached are some pre-built binaries for some Distributions and Architectures.
(Please open an issue if you are missing something and would like a binary
package available for download).

The packages are all default builds based on the documentation with unmodified source

Full Package Sources etc are available on the CI system as artifacts

For some platforms we publish RPKI enabled packages. Please be aware that you will need
the RTRLIB package installed as well for the RPKI packages. You can find the RTRLIB packages
on the NetDEF CI system in the RTRLIB project
As an alternative, you could build RTRLIB on your own from the source available at