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Features and Kernel Support

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Feature Linux NetBSD FreeBSD OpenBSD Solaris
VRF/L3VPN :heavy_check_mark: 4.8(A) :x: :x: :x: :x:
EVPN :heavy_check_mark: 4.18(B) :large_orange_diamond: CP :large_orange_diamond: CP :large_orange_diamond: CP :large_orange_diamond: CP
MPLS :heavy_check_mark: 4.5 :x: :x: :heavy_check_mark: :x:
LDP :heavy_check_mark: 4.5 :large_orange_diamond: CP :large_orange_diamond: CP :heavy_check_mark: :large_orange_diamond: CP
PW/VPWS :large_orange_diamond: CP :large_orange_diamond: CP :large_orange_diamond: CP :heavy_check_mark: 5.8 :large_orange_diamond: CP
VPLS :large_orange_diamond: CP :large_orange_diamond: CP :large_orange_diamond: CP :heavy_check_mark: 5.8 :large_orange_diamond: CP
OSPF-SR :heavy_check_mark: 4.12(C) :large_orange_diamond: CP :large_orange_diamond: CP :large_orange_diamond: CP :large_orange_diamond: CP
PIM :heavy_check_mark: 4.18 :white_check_mark: SSM :white_check_mark: SSM :x: :white_check_mark: SSM
PBR :heavy_check_mark: :x: :x: :x: :x:
BGP FlowSpec :large_orange_diamond: CP :large_orange_diamond: CP :large_orange_diamond: CP :large_orange_diamond: CP :large_orange_diamond: CP

Note: all version numbers refer to the respective OS kernel.

(A) = Earlier versions have limited support and may work to some degree.
(B) = Earlier versions (starting from 4.9) may work with limited features and performance penalties.
(C) = Earlier versions (starting from 4.5) limit the maximum label depth to two, which is too restricting for Segment Routing.
:large_orange_diamond: CP = Control Plane only, We can take data received and pass it on, there is no DataPlane installation at this point.
:white_check_mark: SSM = Source Specific Multicast only, no Any-Source Multicast.
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