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Merge pull request #145 from donaldsharp/staticd_warning

Add a tiny breadcrumb to hopefully help end user
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rzalamena committed Nov 26, 2018
2 parents 512010d + e69559b commit 302a1697dcb74c6b4e5308721c77af469268e7ce
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@@ -933,6 +933,10 @@ def checkRouterRunning(self):
for daemon in self.daemons:
if (self.daemons[daemon] == 1) and not (daemon in daemonsRunning):
sys.stderr.write("%s: Daemon %s not running\n" % (, daemon))
if daemon is "staticd":
sys.stderr.write("You may have a copy of staticd installed but are attempting to test against\n")
sys.stderr.write("a version of FRR that does not have staticd, please cleanup the install dir\n")

# Look for core file
corefiles = glob.glob('{}/{}/{}_core*.dmp'.format(
self.logdir,, daemon))

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