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2010-08-03 VERSION 0.5
* Fix compatibility with nginx-0.8.47+.
* Add "postgres_escape" directive.
2010-07-05 VERSION 0.4
* Optimize generation of RDS output.
* Fix serious bug that under certain conditions (query evaluated
to empty string, failed connection to the database, etc) would
lead to segmentation fault on versions older than nginx-0.8.17
(including nginx-0.7.x).
* When returning row or value, use Content-Type specified by
"default_type" directive instead of "text/plain".
* Allow column to be specified by its name instead of its number
(in "postgres_output" and "postgres_set" directives).
* Add "postgres_rewrite" directive.
* Add "$postgres_affected" variable.
* Fix issue that would stop gzip filter from processing
responses in RDS format.
Found by Qing Lin (kindy), fixed by Yichun Zhang (agentzh).
* Add "postgres_output" directive.
* Add "$postgres_query" variable.
* Add "postgres_set" directive.
* Add "$postgres_columns" and "$postgres_rows" variables.
2010-06-13 VERSION 0.3
* Allow configuration of method-specific queries.
* Restrict "postgres_pass" directive to "location" context.
* Free keepalive connections on nginx shutdown.
Requested by Yichun Zhang (agentzh).
* Fix memory leak that was happening when nginx was configured
to use non-existing database tables, etc.
Found by Valgrind, reported by Yichun Zhang (agentzh).
* Use recently standardized error codes in RDS format.
* Allow request methods other than GET and HEAD.
From Yichun Zhang (agentzh) via ngx_drizzle.
2010-05-12 VERSION 0.2
* Add various improvements to build and testing infrastructures.
Mostly done by Yichun Zhang (agentzh).
* Put more restrictions on "postgres_pass" and "postgres_query"
directives. Handle their bad configuration properly.
* Log PostgreSQL errors into error.log.
Reminded by Yichun Zhang (agentzh).
* Remove connection timeout from re-used keepalive connection.
* Fix libpq headers detection on Debian.
Patch from Weibin Yao.
* Add "postgres_get_value" directive.
Requested by Johan Bergstroem.
* Bring back fail-safe check that got lost during pre-release
refactorization. Without this check performance was reduced
few times under high load, because about 1% of keepalive
connections got disconnected.
2010-05-05 VERSION 0.1
* Initial release.
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