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2013-03-07 VERSION 1.10
* Fix compatibility with nginx-1.1.12+.
Due to the changes in cache index usage accounting (1 per request
instead of 1 per access) initial cache insert of "small" file was
decreasing usage count, rendering index entry invalid.
Because cache manager ignores invalid entries, expired cache files
were not being removed from the cache, which forced it to outgrow
specified "max_size" value.
2012-04-24 VERSION 1.9
* Fix issue in which "copy once" fail-safe would be removed
if (misbehaving) client would disconnect before cache update
of an expired file was completed.
2012-02-28 VERSION 1.8
* Fix setting of slowfs process title.
In case when local path was over 277 characters long, slowfs
process would crash, which would result in file not being
copied to the cache.
Bug had appeared in version 1.7.
2012-02-28 VERSION 1.7
* Fix on-disk cache size calculation.
Since the initial release, recorded on-disk cache size was
decreased twice for purged content (once during cache purge
and once during subsequent cache update).
This resulted in recorded on-disk cache size being much
smaller than in reality, which could lead to on-disk cache
outgrowing defined "max_size" parameter.
Patch from Pyry Hakulinen (via ngx_cache_purge, months ago).
* Append path of the file being cached to the slowfs process
2011-05-03 VERSION 1.6
* Fix compatibility with nginx-1.0.1.
Reported by Sergey A. Osokin.
* Stop doing sanity checks when module isn't enabled.
Reported by Tobi Tamas.
2010-06-08 VERSION 1.5
* Fix build for nginx-0.7.66+.
2010-05-25 VERSION 1.4
* Fix build for nginx-0.8.38+.
Patch from Sergey A. Osokin.
2010-01-18 VERSION 1.3
* Add missing cast, apparently some systems had trouble
building module without this.
Reported by Serhan Sevim.
2009-12-29 VERSION 1.2
* Enable caching of 0 byte files in nginx-0.8.31+.
2009-12-22 VERSION 1.1
* Fix build for nginx versions older than 0.8.18
(this includes 0.7.x line).
Reported by Sergey A. Osokin.
2009-12-21 VERSION 1.0
* Initial release