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nginx module which adds ability to cache static files.

tag: 1.4

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ngx_slowfs_cache is a module which allows caching of static files
(served using "root" directive). This enables one to create
fast caches for files stored on slow filesystems, for example:
- storage: network disks, cache: local disks,
- storage: 7,2K SATA drives, cache: 15K SAS drives in RAID0.

This module also contains "cache_purge" functionality, previously
developed for

ngx_slowfs_cache-1.0 was fully funded by

"slowfs_cache_path" and "slowfs_temp_path" values should point to
the same filesystem, otherwise files will be copied twice.

ngx_slowfs_cache-1.0 doesn't work with AIO enabled.


  slowfs_cache zone_name (context: http, server, location) 
  Sets area used for caching (previously definied using slowfs_cache_path).
  slowfs_cache_key key (context: http, server, location) 
  Sets key for caching.

  slowfs_cache_purge zone_name key (context: location)
  Sets area and key used for purging selected pages from cache.

  slowfs_cache_path path [levels] keys_zone=zone_name:zone_size [inactive] [max_size] (context: http)
  Sets cache area and its structure.
  slowfs_temp_path path [level1] [level2] [level3] (context: http)
  Sets temporary area where files are stored before they are moved to cache area.
  Default: "/tmp 1 2"

  slowfs_cache_min_uses number (context: http, server, location) 
  Sets number of uses after which file is copied to cache.
  Default: "1"

  slowfs_cache_valid [reply_code] time (context: http, server, location) 
  Sets time for which file will be served from cache.

  slowfs_big_file_size size (context: http, server, location) 
  Sets minimum file size for "big" files. Worker processes fork() before
  they start copying "big" files to avoid any service disruption. 
  Default: "128k"

  Represents availability of cached file.
  Possible values are: MISS, HIT and EXPIRED.

http {
    slowfs_cache_path  /tmp/cache levels=1:2 keys_zone=fastcache:10m;
    slowfs_temp_path   /tmp/temp 1 2;

    server {
        location / {
            root                /var/www;
            slowfs_cache        fastcache;
            slowfs_cache_key    $uri;
            slowfs_cache_valid  1d;

        location ~ /purge(/.*) {
            allow     ;
            deny                all;
            slowfs_cache_purge  fastcache $1;
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