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An easy and lightweight mobile-first css framework...

How to use Dismantle

Dismantle works with rows and columns to make it easy to create a layout for your website, using a standard 12 columns on a width of 960px.

To install it into your website just copy the content of the assets/styles folder into your local style folder and link the file framework.css in the head of your HTML file like this:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="styles/framework.css" type="text/css">

Rows and Columns

After you have done this, you can use Dismantle like this:

<div class="container">
	<div class="row">
		<div class="col-3">
			<!-- Left sidebar goes here -->
		<div class="col-9">
			<!-- Main content goes here -->


You can easily stack grads into each other too by nesting the row/column layout.

<div class="container">
	<div class="row">
		<div class="col-3">
			<!-- A sidebar -->
		<div class="col-9">
			<div class="row">
				<div class="col-8">
					<!-- main content inside of another column -->
				<div class="col-4">
					<!-- more content area inside of a different column -->

Pulling Columns

Dismantle can pull content to the side by using the pull class together with the amount of colums you want the content to be pushed, like this:

<div class="container">
	<div class="row">
		<div class="col-8 pull-4">
			<!-- content will be pulled 8 columns to the right -->

In addition you can pull any content on the far right by using the pull-right class.

Mobile First

Since Dismantle is mobile first you can specify columns differenly from the desktop layout. Desktop columns will always reset to 100% unless you use the mobile class on them.

<div class="container">
	<div class="row">
		<div class="col-10 mobile-8">
			<!-- this is 10 columns on desktop and 8 columns on mobile -->
		<div class="col-2 mobile-4">
			<!-- this is 2 columns on desktop and 4 on mobile -->


Dismantle is designed to be responsive, wich means that on smaller screens it will automaticly resize and change its layout to be easier to read.

Different page width templates.

For desktop layout its possible to use different sizes of grid layouts by using an alternate container class, possible are:

  • .container = 960 pixels wide.
  • .container-320px = 320 pixels wide.
  • .container-720px = 720 pixels wide.
  • .container-768px = 768 pixels wide.
  • .container-1218px = 1218 pixels wide.
  • .container-1382px = 1382 pixels wide.
  • .container-fluid = 100% page width.

find out more at the wiki:


Dismantle uses Normalize.css for consistency, but its not needed for it to run.

Version History

  • v0.1 - Initial Release.
  • v0.1b - Bugfixes in demo file.
  • v0.2 - Added mobile grid.
  • v0.3 - Added multiple resolution grid.
  • v0.4 - Added more demos and minified version.


  • Typography styles.


Copyright (c) 2013 F. Rick Reich. Licensed under the terms of the MIT license.


An Intuitive and easy to use css framework for fast web developement.






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