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Mixpanel Actions for Unity Playmaker

Adds actions to Unity Playmaker to work with Mixpanel.

How to use these actions?

The following is a step by step tutorial on how to get these actions running, including an example of usage. Since this is an addition to playmaker i am guessing you already own unity, and got playmaker installed before following these steps and know how to use it.

Step 1. - Download

Download Walt Destler's Mixpanel-Unity-CSharp scripts and my Playmaker Mixpanel Actions.

Step 2. - Create a new Project

Create a new project in unity and add playmaker, then drag and drop the downloaded unitypackages into your project.

Step 3. - Create a new FSM

Create a new empty object in your default scene and add a playmaker FSM to it.

Step 4. - Add Mixpanel

Under your action browser you will find a new group called "Mixpanel", find "Mixpanel Setup" in there and add it to your start state.

Step 5. - Fill in the Token

Put your Mixpanel project's token into the token field, you can find it on your mixpanel dashboard under settings.

Step 6. - Add a Button

Add a GUI BUTTON to the current state and make it call Finished when clicked, add the FINISHED event to the current state also.

Step 7. - Create an event

Create a new state that is called after the FINISHED event is called, add a "Mixpanel String Event" and fill in the blanks.

Step 8. - Test it

When you test the scene and click the button, you can see it added the event to your mixpanel timeline, when you refresh the page.


Add multiple Event sender.


Copyright (c) 2013 F. Rick Reich. Licensed under the terms of the MIT license.


Mixpanel Actions for Unity Playmaker



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