Coda plugin with useful HTML Text Editor Actions, written in Python
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Text Editor Actions for Coda

Text Editor Actions (TEA) for Coda (formerly Textmate Emulation Applescripts) are some of the text manipulations that I think ever editor should have, implemented as a Coda plugin. I originally began work on TEA because I was interested in Coda's all-in-one workflow but completely uninterested in abandoning Textmate's excellent HTML editing capabilities.

For more information, including documentation and downloads, please see the TEA for Coda site:

Found something about TEA that makes you unhappy? Submit a bug report or feature request (requires free GitHub account) or drop me a line.

Building from source

If you want to try the latest development version of Coda, you can download and build the plugin from source (easy_install py2app if you don't already have it) like so:

git clone git://
cd tea-for-coda
python py2app

If you wish to create a development version, you can run this instead:

python py2app -A

This will create a normal version of the TEA plugin, but symlink all the internal files so that you don't have to rebuild the plugin to try out changes (you'll still need to relaunch Coda between changes, though).