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An(other) asynchronous Redis client for Tornado.
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An asynchronous Redis client for Tornado.

This client is not finished and still under development. And I'm going to try various thing with it before it reaches a stable release. Like stuff that doesn't make sense. :D


  • C-based reply parser. (in progress)
  • Implement commands and unit tests. (in progress)
  • Implement pipelining.

I haven't looked into pub/sub, Lua scripting and transactions, but those will be included too. It just needs some more research.

I'll first support Python 2 and then add support for Python 3 to avoid version checks everywhere in the code. There are some differences in the C-APIs of Python 2 and 3.


Akane is licensed under the MIT license. akane/buffer.c is from Sundown. akane/utils.c contains a function, intlen, from Hiredis. That function is under the BSD license. reverse and itoa are from K&R.



python install
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