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=== Introduction ===
AnimeList is still under development and not everything works yet and stuff can be bugged.
Only tested on Linux (Arch linux), Windows and Mac OS X. It has not been test on any other
opererating systems.
Before you can use AnimeList you jave to install GTK[1], Python[2], PyGTK[3], PyCairo[3], PyGObject[3].
For Python and PyGTK are Windows installers available. A Windows installer for GTK
can be found at[4].
If you have Python 2.5 or lower you need to install Simplejson[5]. The JSON module is
bundled with Python 2.6.
To startup AnimeList you need 'cd' to the AnimeList directory and make "" executable
(if needed) and do "./". A dialog will popup and ask about your login details.
After you've done that it will load your list.
Send a PM to "" if you have questions. Or visit
the project page:
=== Features ===
* Manage your anime list from
* The GUI does not freeze when adjustments are made to your list.
* Search anime and add them via the search section.
* Show details (more information) of anime.
* Works on Linux, Windows and maybe Mac OS X (not tested).
* Login details are encoded before they're saved (your username and password
are not saved as plain text).
* Start in background with: --background
=== Development ===
The source code can be at Github[6] and planned features in the TODO file.
Any help with testing, especially on other OS than Linux and Windows, is really
- The *.ui files are gtk.Builder files, which can be edited with Glade 3.
- Pygtkhelpers is a library from PIDA and is licensed under the LGPL 2 or later.
The source code can be found at Bitbucket[7].