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Include stdint.h for Windows #18

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FSX commented

Just saw this: Including stdint.h shouldn't be a problem I think.

What do you think about that, Windows users?


Visual Studio 2010+ has stdint as part of the distribution - previous versions don't. An alternative that I sometimes use when I need cross-platform definitions is simply to ship my own version of stdint.h with the project - for example, pstdint.h:


Including our own stdint.h isn't going to work yet. The C file Cython generates includes stdint.h and I'm not sure why yet. Sundown can be modified. A quick search through the code learned me that only uint8_t is used and the dependency on stdint.h could be removed with a simple typedef unsigned char uint8_t; (got that from /usr/include/stdint.h). Not 100% sure yet though.


Note: if you have Visual Studio 10 installed but the build appears to be using an older version (like 9), you can force pip to use the right version by running this command first:


...but that will only get you so far. See #24 for the next problem with windows compatibility.

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