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Momoko wraps Psycopg2's functionality for use in Tornado. Have a look at tutorial or full documentation.

Important: This is the 2.x version of Momoko. It requires 4.0 <= Tornado < 5.0, uses futures instead of calllbacks and introduces a slightly different API compared to 1.x version. While transition is very straightforward, the API is not backward compatible with 1.x!

Maintainer wanted

Unfortunately none of the developers of this project actively use it anymore in their work. Test-covered pull requests will be happily accepted, but no active development is planned so far. For instance, Tornado 5.x is currently not supported. If you have serious intentions to maintain this project, please get in touch.


With pip:

pip install momoko

Or manually:

python install


Set the following environment variables with your own values before running the unit tests:

make -C tcproxy
export MOMOKO_TEST_DB='your_db'
export MOMOKO_TEST_USER='your_user'
export MOMOKO_TEST_PASSWORD='your_password'
export MOMOKO_TEST_HOST='localhost'
export MOMOKO_TEST_PORT='5432'

And run the tests with:

python test