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Wraps (asynchronous) Psycopg2 for Tornado.
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Momoko wraps Psycopg2's functionality for use in Tornado. Have a look at tutorial or full documentation.

Important: This is the 2.x version of Momoko. It requires Tornado >= 4.0, uses futures instead of calllbacks and introduces a slightly different API compared to 1.x version. While transition is very straightforward, the API is not backward compatible with 1.x!


With pip:

pip install momoko

Or manually:

python install


Set the following environment variables with your own values before running the unit tests:

make -C tcproxy
export MOMOKO_TEST_DB='your_db'
export MOMOKO_TEST_USER='your_user'
export MOMOKO_TEST_PASSWORD='your_password'
export MOMOKO_TEST_HOST='localhost'
export MOMOKO_TEST_PORT='5432'

And run the tests with:

python test
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