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-A list of items that have to be added and ideas.
-Asynchronous Notifications
-About: Psycopg2 `Asynchronous Notifications`_
-Psycopg allows asynchronous interaction with other database sessions using the
-facilities offered by PostgreSQL commands ``LISTEN`` and ``NOTIFY``.
-With the current API this is not possible. It is, but not with the public API.
-And how would it be used? In a request handler, a separate process/thread or
-fire a callback when something is received? It would need it's own connection,
-otherwise it would make things unnecessarily complex.
-Some use cases or people actually using this PostgreSQL feature in a production
-setup would give a good perspective on how this is used and why.
-About: Transactions_
-The API for transactions in Psycopg2 (``commit`` and ``rollback``) is not
-available in asynchronous mode. Asynchronous connections are in autocommit mode,
-meaning that SQL queries are executed and committed directly with no possible
-Transactions are possible with the ``BEGIN``, ``COMMIT`` and ``ROLLBACK`` SQL
-commands and Tornado gen module makes it easier to run SQL queries sequentially.
-The sequence of queries also need to use the same connection.
-A wrapper needs to be made for this.
-About: `COPY TO and COPY FROM`_
-The section about `Asynchronous Support`_ states the following:
- COPY commands are not supported either in asynchronous mode, but this
- will be probably implemented in a future release.
-The following function in the C code can be examined and maybe adapted to support
-asynchronous mode if this functionality is really needed.
-- `psyco_curs_copy_from`_
-- `psyco_curs_copy_to`_
-- `_psyco_curs_copy_columns`_
-Named cursors
-Named cursor (or server-side cursors) are not supported in asynchronous mode,
-because it involves extra SQL commands internally_. One can manually use
-names/server-side cursor by using DECLARE_, FETCH_ and MOVE_.
-This can be implemented by using in Momoko itself in Python, but not Psycopg2.
-.. _Asynchronous Notifications:
-.. _Transactions:
-.. _Asynchronous Support:
-.. _psyco_curs_copy_from:
-.. _psyco_curs_copy_to:
-.. __psyco_curs_copy_columns:
-.. _internally:
-.. _FETCH:
-.. _MOVE:
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