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@@ -4,8 +4,8 @@ Installation
Momoko supports Python 2 and 3 and PyPy with psycopg2ct_ or psycopg2cffi_.
-And the only dependencies are Tornado_ and Psycopg2_. Installation is easy
-using *easy_install* or pip_::
+And the only dependencies are Tornado_ and Psycopg2_ (or psycopg2ct_/psycopg2cffi_).
+Installation is easy using *easy_install* or pip_::
pip install momoko
@@ -15,21 +15,27 @@ The lastest source code can always be cloned from the `Github repository`_ with:
cd momoko
python install
-The unit tests can be run before anything is installed to ensure everything is
-working. Before running the unit tests a PostgreSQL database needs to be set up
-and some environment variables need to be set. The dependencies will be installed
+Psycopg2 is used by default when installing Momoko, but psycopg2ct or psycopg2cffi
+can also be used by setting the ``MOMOKO_PSYCOPG2_IMPL`` environment variable to
+``psycopg2ct`` or ``psycopg2cffi`` before running ````. For example::
+ # 'psycopg2', 'psycopg2ct' or 'psycopg2cffi'
+ export MOMOKO_PSYCOPG2_IMPL='psycopg2cffi'
+The unit tests als use this variable. It needs to be set if something else is used
+instead of Psycopg2 when running the unit tests. Besides ``MOMOKO_PSYCOPG2_IMPL``
+there are also other variables that need to be set for the unit tests.
Here's an example for the environment variables::
- export MOMOKO_TEST_DB='your_db'
- export MOMOKO_TEST_USER='your_user'
- export MOMOKO_TEST_PASSWORD='your_password'
- export MOMOKO_TEST_HOST='localhost'
- export MOMOKO_TEST_PORT='5432'
+ export MOMOKO_TEST_DB='your_db' # Default: momoko_test
+ export MOMOKO_TEST_USER='your_user' # Default: postgres
+ export MOMOKO_TEST_PASSWORD='your_password' # Empty de default
+ export MOMOKO_TEST_HOST='localhost' # Empty de default
+ export MOMOKO_TEST_PORT='5432' # Default: 5432
# Set to '0' if hstore extension isn't enabled
+ export MOMOKO_TEST_HSTORE='1' # Default: 0
And running the tests is as easy as running the following command::

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