Non psycopg2 exception can lock connection #79

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For example I have code like this and only one connection in pool:

            cursor = yield momoko.Op(self.db.execute, 'SELECT %s FROM %s'
                ,()) # rises TypeError
        except Exception as e:
            print e
            cursor = yield momoko.Op(self.db.execute, 'SELECT 1'
            print 'Done' #unreachable

This code rises TypeError, but second query can't obtain connection.
Debug log is:

[D 141115 18:00:26 connection:234] Connection attempt complete. Success: True
[D 141115 18:00:31 connection:252] Getting connection
[D 141115 18:00:31 connection:327] Connection obtained, proceeding
tuple index out of range
[D 141115 18:00:31 connection:252] Getting connection
[D 141115 18:00:31 connection:272] There are busy connections
[D 141115 18:00:31 connection:321] No connection available right now - will try again later

Changing psycopg2.Error to Exception in _catch_early_errors decorator fixes that issue, but I not sure that it right.

@haizaar haizaar added a commit that closed this issue Nov 16, 2014
@haizaar haizaar Catching ALL types of early error. Fixes #79.
Its important to catch any type of early error and pass
it back properly to give inner callback a chance to return
connection back to free pool.

Signed-off-by: Zaar Hai <>
@haizaar haizaar closed this in b15c2c2 Nov 16, 2014
haizaar commented Nov 16, 2014

Thanks for the bug report and suggestion for the fix!

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